Ankerberg Monthly Letter February 2014 - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Ankerberg Monthly Letter February 2014

God has been so good to us. I have so much to share with you. First, your gifts in December and January will always be remembered. They were a great encouragement to me, my wife Darlene, and to our whole staff. Let me bring you up-to-date on what has happened since the end of November.

It was during the last part of November I realized we would soon be short $500,000 to keep our television broadcasts on the air in 206 countries. That was very frightening. For a while I thought we would have to cut back our outreach.

But during that time, I also knew that over the previous six months God had shown us it was possible to translate approximately a year’s worth of television broadcasts (50 weeks) into the top 10 languages of the world (a total of 500 broadcasts). I thought it was quite amazing that God had brought us into contact with the exact people, companies, and translation technologies we would need to accurately translate our television programs.

If we could translate our programs into 10 languages, it would allow us to communicate directly with 78% of the people on the planet. While I strongly sensed God was leading us to do this, I had no idea how we would raise an additional $500,000.

We continued to pray and wait; yet things seemed to slow down even more. It was a very difficult time. But God was kind and provided for us. He started to speak to many people—like you—to get involved. Some were having their devotions and praying when God led them to think of our ministry. They wrote and told us of how God guided them. It was thrilling to hear.

It seemed like God was painting a picture to many of you about people around the world waiting for us to bring the Gospel to them. Many people around the world do not know a single Christian. They have no Christian church to attend. Many have never seen or read a Bible, and if they have seen one, it was not in their language.

Every day they live their lives in darkness, sensing there is more to life, but having no hope. They live with their families in apartments, huts, or small homes. Yet many of them have a TV. Today 2.6 billion of these people can turn to a channel in their own home and see our program—but only in English. They can’t always understand the language. We had found the technology to reach them in their own language, yet the cost was beyond our reach.

As we continued through December, God laid it on the hearts of people to give. By the end of December God provided the $500,000 we needed to pay for broadcast expenses to continue coming into homes in 206 countries. He also provided another $500,000 for the funding we needed to translate 50 of our programs into the top 10 languages of the world (500 programs). I was thrilled.

As soon as we received this money we put it to work. If you gave any gift to our global translation project, 100% of your gift has been applied to the translation effort.

Because you gave, in 60 days we will be making John Ankerberg Show television programs available in the top 10 languages of the world. We have begun by translating and editing 20 broadcasts—a total of 200 programs that we will have translated in a few weeks. And that’s just the start.

By the end of this month we will meet with 350 Christian broadcasters from around the world. We will now be able to provide them with 50 television broadcasts in these languages later this year. We will make these broadcasts available free so they can air them on their television and radio stations. If they broadcast each program twice they will have two years worth of programming.

In addition, your gifts have enabled us to provide:

  • 780 language translations of the Bible in print and audio, plus different language translations of the Jesus Film (a film adaptation of Luke’s Gospel).
  • Theological articles we have written over 34 years that present and defend the Christian faith. We hope to eventually publish these articles in 50 languages (some of our articles are already available in 12 languages).
  • Online Bible studies and e-books in numerous languages.
  • Verse-by-verse Bible teaching of Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, and other biblical books.
  • Our radio programs in the world’s top 10 languages (available digitally and for international radio broadcasters).

All of this will be found at our website at

Our current goal (with the money you have already given) is to translate 50 of our television programs into the world’s top 10 languages by April! These programs will also be made into 50 radio broadcasts and 50 articles people can read.

Looking forward, there are two places I will need your help in the days ahead. First, there are more language groups we have yet to reach. As I said, in a few weeks, I will meet with 350 Christian broadcasters from overseas. I can already imagine talking with some dear Christian broadcaster who eagerly wants to air our programs in his country, but then comes to realize his language is not one of the these languages. In other words, his people speak a language other than Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, or Portuguese.

Can you imagine his disappointment? Here is what we will need to help these folks. For each additional language group, it costs approximately $1,000 to translate one of our television programs into one additional language. A year’s worth of programs, or 50 programs, will cost $50,000—just for translation. Maybe God would lead you to give a year’s worth of programs or a week’s worth to help those still waiting.

Second, please remember that I need you to financially support our ministry each month so we can pay our broadcast expenses on all of our stations into 206 countries. Every month we get a bill. It never stops. You can greatly alleviate the pressures I feel if that bill is taken care of each month. Every month—every day—is important.

This Month on Television

We have another great series for you this month on the Rapture. I have waited a long time to do this series called, “One Coming or Two?” Will Jesus return just one time, or are the Rapture and Second Coming two separate events? My two guests will be Dr. Renald Showers, widely recognized as one of the most distinguished theologians in America, and international journalist and prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

In this series our guests explain why the Rapture is an imminent event, in which Jesus could come back at any moment, and the Second Coming is not imminent but must be preceded by a seven-year Tribulation Period. You will learn eight different things that will happen at the Rapture that will not happen at the Second Coming.

In addition, what does the Bible say about a political leader called the Antichrist who will arise on the world stage after the Rapture? What will he do? At the Battle of Armageddon what will happen and which nations will be involved? When Jesus returns to the earth at the Second Coming, what will He do? The five programs in “One Coming or Two?” are available for a gift of $49 and also come as a Blu-ray DVD combo set.

Our Offer this Month

Now you can receive the five-program series “One Coming or Two?” as well as the four-program series “Step By Step through the Rapture,” plus the two new study guides for a gift of $99. In addition, because of the popularity of our “Ultimate Prophecy Package,” I will continue to make it available during this series. Please see the enclosed card for details.

Until the Whole World Hears

It has taken 34 years for our ministry to broadcast to 78% of the world on television, yet much work remains. Could I ask you to pray for our outreach?

We would like to continue expanding efforts to provide television and radio programs in 10 more languages in the days ahead, reaching 80% of the world—5 billion souls. Each person is important.

My staff members and I pray for you and our other supporters each day. May God bless you as we partner together to reach people still waiting to hear!


For the sake of the Gospel,

Dr. John Ankerberg