Ankerberg Monthly Letter June 2013 - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Ankerberg Monthly Letter June 2013

I have exciting news to tell you. God has guided and provided for our ministry in some amazing ways this month. Because many of you have given generous gifts, you have enabled us to begin reaching out to the world in new ways.


Our staff has now started work to prepare our website for translation—all 2,700 articles, 87 books, and over 300 Bible teaching sermons—into 50 different languages. Our information will soon be available to 88% of the world’s population in their own language.


As you know our television broadcast airs in 206 countries. This has resulted in connecting with people in these countries through our website. So far, our information has only been available mostly in English—but not for long.


Soon, people in 50 different languages will be able to access our information about God, Jesus, salvation, the Bible, prophecy, world religions, discipleship, science, social issues, doctrine, and much more. They will be able to access it on their computers, iPads, and smart phones anywhere in the world in their own language. Our goal is to have all of this up and running in about 90 days!


Once we have officially launched this project, I will show you the finished product on television. At the same time I will challenge Christians overseas to tell others in their country who do not speak English that this important information is available for them free in their own language.


We presently have nearly 3.5 million people visiting our website every 12 months. After we implement this new technology, I hope millions of new people who speak these languages will be coming to our website.  


Further, God has brought another extraordinary thing to us. It came about when a dear friend, who is losing his sight, asked me if there was some way for him to listen to the Bible verse by verse, since he could no longer read. God led me to meet with Mr. Morgan Jackson from the ministry Faith Comes by Hearing. I discovered that his organization offers free online Bibles in 717 languages.


But more than that, they have made an audio version of the Bible in each of these languages. Each verse in the Bible is presented “dramatically” with music and different speakers for the Bible characters. Again, it is available in 717 languages! We are going to partner with this wonderful ministry to offer these Bible resources through our website.


Why is providing an audio version of the Bible so important? Did you know there are approximately 5 million Christian churches in the world? 2 million of these churches have a formally educated pastor. Yet 3 million of these churches do not. In those 3 million churches, more than 90% of the Christians in the congregations cannot read or write. Even a Bible in their no language would not help due to illiteracy.


In some Middle Eastern nations, 70% of the population is functionally illiterate. How will they hear what God says in the Bible? How will those who have become Christians overseas ever learn God’s promises?


The only way they will know the Bible is to hear it read to them. Soon we will provide a place on our website for people to hear the Bible read to them in their own language. We want to provide Christians around the world with a way for their family, friends, churches, and villages to hear the Bible.


In addition, we will also be providing sign language of the Bible for the deaf. The hearing impaired will be able to watch video of a person communicating the Bible to them via sign language, verse by verse.


Just 60 days ago, I was unaware of these opportunities. Now, with your help, we will soon be able to reach more people than ever—and God has led all the way. What a privilege God has given us to be able to reach out to the world!


I need you to fervently pray that God will help us to faithfully accomplish all of this. Then start praying that God will use this information to draw many people to Himself and strengthen many Christians. To those of you who have given to make this possible, thank you for your generosity. Please remember that God makes this promise to you:


“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them (Hebrews 6:10).
To those who have yet to give, can I ask you to help us financially in this outreach to people in 50 languages? God promises to reward the efforts of those who serve Him. Jesus said, “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done” (Revelation 22:12).
You know, it is estimated that if the widow’s mite had been deposited at the “First National Bank, Jerusalem” to draw four percent interest semi-annually, the fund today would total $4,800,000,000,000,000,000,000. If a bank on earth could multiply the widow’s mite to such an astronomical figure, think what treasures this dedicated woman will have in heaven where “moth and rust doth not corrupt.”
Notice that in 1 Corinthians 3:8-9 we read, “The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded in proportion of their own labor.” As we plant the seed, we need your help to continue to provide the water to share the good news with others.
Our next goal, to translate the audio on our television programs into the world’s top 10 languages, which will allow us to reach 77% of the world’s population in a way they can understand. But this will cost an additional $500,000. We need your help in this area also.

This Month on Television: Our New Series with Dr. Erwin Lutzer

This month I have invited Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor of Moody Church, to address an important topic. As we look at all the problems in the world today, we have fears, and insecurities, and can’t help but ask, “Where Do We Go from Here?”
During this new series, Dr. Lutzer will present five disturbing cultural trends that may be irreversible unless God intervenes. But then he will share five unshakeable biblical truths Christians can rely on even if these trends get worse. How can God help us in a world of increasing chaos and decline? Dr. Lutzer answers this as well as:

  • How can we know that God has not abandoned us in difficult times?
  • When we’ve sinned and turned against God, can we ask for God’s help again?
  • Does God really know and care about all the problems we are facing?

We will also air a second series with Dr. Lutzer entitled “Faith at the Breaking Point.” Here Dr. Lutzer encourages Christians who trust in God, yet constantly face disturbing life circumstances that challenge their faith. Why does God allow the trials I am facing? How can I know God still loves and cares about me?
When we face dry spiritual times and God seems far away, how should we respond? How do we continue when we feel our prayers are unanswered or we feel unimportant to God? Dr. Lutzer will answer these questions as he discusses what he calls “The Desert, the Devil, and You.” This is a series to encourage you and will directly address the circumstances we face as Christians.

Our Special Offer This Month

This month, I’m offering a very special package of materials to help you grow in your faith and succeed in the face of life’s difficulties. First, our two new series of television programs—“Where Do We Go from Here?” and “Faith at the Breaking Point.” These six programs will come to you in both Blu-ray and standard DVD formats and can be viewed for your personal study or with a Bible study group.
You will also receive two companion study guides, one for each series, that provide additional questions, commentary, and information not found on the television.
Further, you will receive another television series with Dr. Erwin Lutzer—“Hope for Those Who Doubt Their Salvation.” He counsels those who struggle with doubts about their salvation. Dr. Lutzer shares his own personal testimony as well as Scripture that will lead you out of doubt and to a confident belief that God will take you to heaven.
All five of these unique resources—both DVD series, two study guides, and the series “Hope for Those Who Doubt Their Salvation”—are available this month for your gift of $99. See the enclosed card for details.


Help Fulfill the Great Commission in This Generation!

Do you have a real desire in your heart to see the Gospel preached to the ends of the earth? If so, would you join with us, pray for us, and financially support our efforts?
First, you can help by requesting our special offer this month. For $99, you can receive our new series and study guides with Dr. Erwin Lutzer.
Second, become a monthly partner by joining our Inner Circle of Friends. When you do, you’ll receive several benefits, including the opportunity to receive each month’s nationally televised programs on DVD as part of your membership.
Third, send a special gift to help us meet our ongoing needs, translate our website into 50 languages, and translate our TV programs into the world’s top 10 languages. In doing so you will be an important part of the answer to help us take the Gospel to those who have yet to hear.


For the sake of the Gospel,


Dr. John Ankerberg