A Christian Response to Modern Sex Slave Trafficking

By: Dr. John G. Weldon; ©2011
One thing we can all be thankful for, whatever our circumstances, is that we were never a victim of the child sex slave trade industry. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be praying for victims and seeking to help them.

What If It Were Your Daughter or Son?

One thing we can all be thankful for, whatever our circumstances, is that we were never a victim of the child sex slave trade industry. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be praying for victims and seeking to help them.

According to the CIA, the sale of women (not prostitution or pornography, but just the slavery selling of women), now constitutes the third largest industry in the entire world, and the single fastest growing criminal activity in the world (on par with drugs and illegal arms).[1]How far we have fallen and apparently, most don’t even know it.

“Most Americans do not realize that child trafficking is a major problem on Main Street USA,” said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at a February congressional hearing. “These kids are victims. This is 21st-century slavery.”[2]

Shamefully, Americans account for at least 25% of global teenage sexual prostitution. But things are worse in the sex slave trade itself, where 12-14-year-old teenage girls are abducted in broad daylight and forced to live in a literal dog kennel for months on end, taken out only to exercise their new life as prostitutes in the American sex slave industry.

Throughout the American nation, increasingly greedy, bold and reckless criminals hunt down pretty and barely teenage girls – who are, actually, actively stalked with high-tech methods in local neighborhoods. Americans no longer have to fly halfway around the world to purchase a teenager for sex; they can now buy her in their own homeland and for as little as $200. And again, this isn’t “merely” prostitution – it’s sexual slavery were men can purchase the girls and take them home to own them as their own literal personal sexual slaves, keeping them in a basement dungeon (or wherever) until they tire of them. Then they buy another and on it goes.

Parents need to be forewarned and forearmed and do what’s necessary to protect their daughters – and even their young boys from the even more perverse.

What kind of a society allows this to happen? It’s a society inundated by relativism, having abandoned moral absolutes entirely, with virtually every sexual and familial taboo now broken, indeed shattered – adultery, fornication, divorce, homosexuality, adult-child sexuality, rape, incest, sado-masochism, sexual violence, widespread pornography, widespread abortion (the wanton murder of unborn human beings[3]), etc., – and with laws so corrupt and mangled they can be made to teach anything; a culture in which even something so vile as animated child pornography is protected by the law through decisions of the supreme law of the land, the Supreme Court itself. Not surprisingly, there is even a rock band named “Sex Slaves” described as “a living breathing war machine.” Indeed: war on the sacred is everywhere. They have performed over 1,000 live shows in 13 nations.[4]

The virtual lack of feminist interest in this topic speaks volumes of hypocrisy, and it also illustrates how terribly greedy some Americans have become today – not content with whatever they have, whether a little (which in America is great wealth compared to the rest of the world) or even having great power and wealth – people nevertheless have turned to unspeakable perversions of all types.[5] According to the director and producer of the film nefarious Benjamin Nolot’s website:

  • A child is trafficked every 30 seconds. – UNICEF
  • The average age of entry into commercial sex slavery in the United States is 13 years old. – United States Department of Justice
  • Human Trafficking occurs in 161 out of 192 countries. – The United Nations
  • Pornography is a 96 billion dollar per year industry. – The Internet Filter Review
  • Up to 96% of women in prostitution want to escape but feel they can’t. – United Labor Organization
  • Human Trafficking is a 32 billion dollar per year industry. – The United Nations
  • In some countries it is estimated that 70% of men purchase sex. – Victor Malarek; The Johns
  • Over 27 million people are enslaved around the world. This is more than double the number of Africans enslaved during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. – Kevin Bales; Free the Slaves[6]

As in true so many additional instances of national behavior ripe for divine judgment in America and elsewhere, the only hope for national survival is national repentance and turning to Jesus Christ both within the Church and the culture. I fear that, apart from this, a judgment from God is coming that is so severe that Katrina, 9/11 and the global economic crisis wrapped up together will seem like a festive birthday party. But forget this life; I’m certain that Hell itself holds a special place for such people, its jaws gaping wide open happily waiting to receive them.

What God warns Christians about is true for all men: “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, whatever a man sows he reaps.” (Galatians 6:7) and, “It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:2, Douay-Rheims Bible) To be sure, Jesus Christ offers absolute and total forgiveness even for offenders of this kind (indeed, once saved, they make some of the best fighters available against such evils) – but to be doubly sure, for the unrepentant a suffering so great and so eternal awaits that it is literally incomprehensible.

If Christians especially won’t help fight this most egregious behavior, who will? To paraphrase Rabbi Zacharias, if individual Christians will not mature in their spiritual life (something which begins with a basic knowledge of theology and apologetics), the Church could end up running the biggest nursery in the world.

There are always too many good causes for individual Christians to be involved in; at a minimum one can pray. But God clearly does lead His people into specific areas of ministry. For Christians who feel led to become involved in thwarting this unspeakably outrageous evil, the following websites may be helpful; typically they have links to further resources. Be forewarned, but also be encouraged. Christianity Today ran an entire article a few years ago titled, “How Christians Worldwide Are Sabotaging the Modern Sex Slave Trade.” These men and women (and teenagers) are continuing to fight the good fight and having significant impact– but they do need our prayers and help.

Sample Resources

www.sharedhope.org/|Shared Hope International

http://www.sharedhope.org/thedefenders/Home.aspx|Shared Hope Defenders

http://hosannafreedom.org/product/7/hope_house|Hope House, a project of On Eagles Wings

“Nefarious” documentary


International Christian Alliance on Prostitution

Vision’s Child Sex Tourism Prevention Project

the Traffic

http://love146.org/resources|Love 146

http://mercymovement.com|Mercy Movement

http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/about/|Not For Sale Campaign

http://crs.org/public-policy/trafficking.cfm?utm_source=google-grant&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=human-trafficking&gclid=CMzH_Ii08qsCFQor7AodwmNJrg|Catholic Relief Services campaign against human trafficking


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