A Region in Conflict (A commentary)

By: Gary Kah; ©2002
Gary Kah comments on the media coverage of the Middle East conflict. Are the actions of the Palestinians justifiable? Is Israel the main culprit? These and other questions cause Gary to ask: Has our world really gone mad?

A Region in Conflict
A Commentary by Gary Kah

I don’t know about you, but I have had about all I can take of the secular media’s one-sided coverage of Mideast developments. After all that has happened in recent weeks, how can any sane person still believe that Palestinian actions are justified and that Israel is the main culprit in the Arab/Jew dispute? How can blowing up innocent civilians in random acts of terror be considered legitimate? Has our world really gone this mad? I am afraid so.

From most of the world’s capitals—especially those of Europe and the Middle East— politicians are crying foul play against Israel while heralding their support for “the Palestin­ian cause.” Hardly a word of condemnation against Palestinian terrorism has come forth from Europe’s leaders. Even less condemnation has come from the United Nations, which has shown its anti-Jewish colors as never before.

The only segment of the world’s population that has consistently stood with Israel has been the born again, Bible-believing Christians. And the main reason why a majority of United States citizens remain sympathetic toward Israel (for the time being) is because of the small, but significant portion of our population that is Christian and is making noise on this issue. Along with their historical support of the Jewish people, American Christians are realizing that “we could be next.” If global leaders are willing to endorse terrorism, or look the other way while criminal suicide bombers wreak havoc on the Jewish nation, then anything is possible. Humanity has reached new depths for judging right from wrong—all this with the memory of 9/11 still fresh on our minds.

Religion of Terror

There are currently 30 sporadic or sustained military conflicts underway worldwide. Of these, 28 involve Islam—engaged on one or both sides of the conflict. (Source: “Primetime America,” Moody Radio Network, WGNR Indianapolis, February 2002) This fact speaks for itself. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It never has been. While there are peace-loving Muslims who would never consider terrorism as an option, nearly all terrorists in the world today are Islamic—and a majority of them are of Arabic descent.

It all goes back to Isaac and Ishmael. Arabs, who are the descendents of Ishmael, have never been fond of the Israelites, who are descended from Isaac. The hatred runs deep— especially among Palestinian Arabs! In a recent survey, 15% of Palestinian children said they were willing to be suicide bombers to further their cause. By the time they reach adult­hood, 70% of Palestinian men express a willingness to die in this fashion. Many consider death as a martyr to be their highest calling as Muslims. (Source: The News with Brian Williams, MSNBC, 4/8/02)

What is their aim? To completely destroy and eradicate Israel from the face of the earth! Such hatred and suicidal terror can only come from Satan.

An Administration Divided

While the Mideast conflict continues to rage, the Bush Administration has wavered in its response. This uncertainty was reflected in the about-face President Bush did in early April on foreign policy. First he supported Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself against terror­ism, following the advice of his more conservative advisors. But after just a few days he yielded to pressure from European and Arab leaders, as well as certain members of his own Cabinet, by ordering Israel to pull its troops out of the West Bank. The deciding influ­ence in the President’s turn-around appears to have come from Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Powell is a staunch globalist, dedicated to accomplishing the goals of the United Na­tions. He is also close to Mikhail Gorbachev, a visible and outspoken advocate for world government. In fact, Powell has been a regular at Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum meetings—held each fall to plan and promote the furthering of global government.

We must pray that President Bush will have the boldness to stand up to Colin Powell, Mikhail Gorbachev, and even his father, George Bush Sr., who have all consistently backed the UN’s vision for the Middle East (which includes the permanent stationing of international UN-backed forces in Israel “to keep peace”). It is extremely important for the United States that our president makes the right decisions concerning the future of Israel— as his decisions will have both short-term and long-term consequences for our nation as well as for Israel and the world.

The Administration’s current response is completely inconsistent with America’s own recent experience with terrorism. When the US was attacked in September we responded with great resolve. Our leaders determined who was responsible for the attacks, located the headquarters and holdouts of those individuals and organizations, and then proceeded to systematically destroy them. Yet when Israel responds in a similar fashion to acts of terrorism committed against its citizens on its own soil, our leaders order the Israeli govern­ment to stop its pursuit of terrorists.

What right do we have to tell Israel what to do—especially when it involves defensive measures taken within its own borders? How would we as Americans react if during an internal crisis another country ordered us how to respond. We would say, “Back off; stay out of our affairs!”

Each time Israel has tried to rid itself of terrorism, the United States has intervened, forcing Israel to stop; and with each round of US intervention the crisis grows deeper and the loss of life increases. What is the logic behind this?

Intentional Chaos

Some foreign policy analysts argue that siding with Israel would bring another round of terrorism against the United States. This could be the case. However, the US is already hated by Islamic militants for its vocal posture against Iraq and its military assault on Af­ghanistan. The US will be the target of more terrorism regardless of its position on Israel. In the eyes of Islamic radicals the US has already condemned itself.

Another argument against US support for Israel is economic in nature. Experts fear that oil-producing nations—many of which are Islamic—would retaliate by reducing our oil supply. Yes, this could happen. However, such action would hurt those nations as much, or more, as it would hurt us. The fact is, they want and need our money. Isn’t it time we use our economic leverage to turn the tables, rather than allow ourselves to be blackmailed by oil?

Although oil prices would increase for a few years, most of our oil supply would continue to flow—coming from domestic production and non-Islamic nations which already provide a large percentage of our imported oil. If we stepped up our own energy production (including oil and alternative fuel sources) and temporarily increased our purchase of oil from non-Islamic nations (such as Mexico, Venezuela and Canada) we could not only survive, but flourish. The whole concept of energy interdependence is a fraud, intended to keep us at the mercy of the Internationalist agenda.

In reality, if America put its mind to it, we could be energy independent within 10 years. But this is unlikely to happen. You see, if America was independent from the rest of the world there would be little incentive for us to participate in global government—which is the main goal of Internationalists.

This same reasoning can be applied to the current Mideast crisis. If the United States and Europe had left Israel alone during the last 30 years, I am convinced there would be very little terrorism today. The Israelis would have “cleaned house.” But this is not what Internationalists had in mind. I believe they understood that the nations of the earth would never surrender their sovereignty to a system of global government unless they felt pres­sured to do so. The purpose of terrorism is to apply this pressure. In other words, global government can only be accomplished if humanity becomes desperate for a solution. Therefore, a crisis is needed that threatens the very existence of mankind.

As simplistic as this may sound, I believe Satan has been working through his vessels (some knowingly, others naively) to create an impossible situation with no apparent way out. In doing so he is setting the stage for humanity to embrace anyone who might “step up” and “solve” the world’s problems. Such a figure would be viewed as a genius, a type of savior worthy of being followed. He might even be rewarded with the top position in a world government.

This scenario leading to the reign of the antichrist would be much more difficult to achieve if Israel were allowed to break the back of terrorism or the United States remained energy independent. For this reason, the pressure will continue to be applied!

Is World War III Imminent?

Although a number of temporary cease-fires are possible, overall, tensions in the Middle East will likely continue to mount. Terrorism will increase until such a time that Satan be­lieves humanity is ready to accept his proposals. If terrorism by itself is not enough to break the will of the people, then World War III will be spawned. The resulting carnage and dev­astation would do the trick. A desperate and unsuspecting humanity would be willing to embrace a new world order promising peace and an end to violence.

No one except God knows how much time will pass between now and the unveiling of the antichrist’s regime. It could be months or years. But one thing is for sure: We are mov­ing closer to the fulfillment of God’s Word; everything will happen just as He said it would!

Unfortunately, to God’s great dismay, most humans—as He foretold—will be deceived because they will not heed His warnings (Matthew 24; 2 Thessalonians 2). But those who remain obedient to His call have much to do in the time that remains. We must share the hope of Jesus Christ with all who will listen, because Jesus is the only way of salvation

(John 14:6). Those who reject Him to follow the antichrist, or any other false teacher, will be eternally condemned (John 3:18, 36). The matter is serious, and time could be short!

We must therefore pray for all people (including Arabs and Jews) who have not accepted Jesus as Savior—that they would do so soon. We must also remember to pray for those Jewish and Arab Christians who are caught in the middle of the escalating violence. They are one in Christ, who has “bridged the gap” through His love. Together, as Chris­tians, we must always remember that our battle “is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Ever conscious of these things, let us prayerfully and faithfully move forward, doing the will of our Father until Jesus Christ returns.

Gary Kah is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Government of Indiana. While in that position he traveled extensively overseas working closely with Ameri­can Embassies on trade-related projects. He has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and exposing the one world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, along with his informative newsletter and video presentations may be obtained by dialing 317.290.4673. Or, write to: Hope for the World, P. O. Box 899, Noblesville, IN 46061, USA. www.garykah.org

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