Biblical Inspiration/Authority/Inerrancy

Jesus and the Inspiration of Scripture

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 13, 2013

Before we begin, we must state a few crucial foundational truths that cannot be argued here and thus must be assumed for the purposes of this article. But they are…

Isn’t Belief in Inerrancy a Case of Faith over Fact

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 27, 2012

By: Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon; ©2012 What is the meaning of the biblical words for “angel”? What are angels? How powerful are angels? What are some popular…

Has Higher Criticism Proved We Cannot Trust the Bible

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 6, 2012

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2012 The assumption is that the investigative methodology used by the critics has proven there are errors in the Bible. However, as we…


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