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  • By: Dr. Dillon Burroughs; ©2018

    Do you find yourself tired of negative comments on social media? Maybe you’ve made a few yourself. How would God have us use social media? What guidelines does the Bible provide? While today’s social media did not exist in the first century, Jesus communicated an important story that holds powerful lessons regarding what we post, […]


  • By: Dr. Jeff Zweerink; ©2015

    By Dr. Jeff Zweerink (Reasons to Believe) Make no mistake about it—Mars is an extremely hostile place for life. And a new movie called The Martian, which is set to release October 2, seems to understand just how difficult it can be for humans to visit Earth’s neighbor. Based on a 2011 science fiction novel […]


  • By: The John Ankerberg Show; ©2013

    By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2003 Those who—with good motives to be sure—want to turn this country into a sexual wasteland—the pornographers, homosexual lobbyists, and son one—base their attitudes toward sex on an anti-Christian philosophy. In this article we have charted the differences between the Christian and the secular (materialist) view of sexuality. […]


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  • By: Rev. Sam Harris; ©

    By: Rev. Sam Harris; ©2003 What does the Bible say about tattoos? Responding to an email question, Rev. Harris explains where we can find tattoos mentioned in the Bible. He also gives two medical reasons tattoos may not be a good idea. Question: What does to Bible say about tattoos? Answer: There is only one […]


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