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  • By: The John Ankerberg Show; ©2013

    By: Mike Gendron; ©2001 Whenever man is engaged in attaining and preserving his salvation, there can never be any assurance. But, as Mike Gendron explains this month, we CAN have assurance, and the reason is Christ! Contents 1 Jesus Christ is Sufficient to Save Sinners Completely 1.1 His word is sufficient 1.2 His mercy and […]


  • By: Dr. John Weldon; ©

    What Does the Roman Catholic Church Teach About the Doctrine of Justification?-Part 1 By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon When we consider the differences that exist between the Catholic and Protestant view of justification by faith, there are six key terms on each side that represent the different positions. This month, a look at […]


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