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The Bible has much to say about how we live within our social and cultural environment.

Astrology and the Christ-follower – Part 2

By R. L. Wilson / July 24, 2024

Astrology in the Bible Many astrologers insist the Bible actually supports astrology. Is that true? It seems unlikely, given that God has strictly forbidden His people from being involved in…

Astrology and the Christ-follower – Part 1

By R. L. Wilson / July 16, 2024

I’ve seen a series of ads on television lately featuring decisions that are “no-brainers,” basically the easiest decision in the history of decision-making! And that’s what it should be for…

A Primer on Ghosts and Hauntings

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / June 6, 2024

Thirty-eight percent of Americans believe in the existence of ghosts and their ability to visit the earthly realm. This represents a significant portion of our population—well over 100 million Americans. …

The Teachings of the Spirits

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / May 29, 2024

The teachings of the spirits have been a subject of fascination and intrigue for many. Their teachings relate to God, Jesus, humankind, sin, salvation, heaven, and hell. These teachings are…

A Christian Assessment of Psychics and Ghosts

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / May 22, 2024

We have considered the methodology that psychics use when they do readings. We have found that in many cases they “fish” for information. At other times they cheat by deriving…

UFOs and the Kingdom of the Cults

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / May 14, 2024

It’s no wonder that there’s been a rise of cults looking to interpret UFO phenomena through a religious lens.[1] Some examples of such groups include the Aetherius Society, the Raelian…

A Primer on Psychic Techniques

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / May 7, 2024

While some psychics claim to possess supernatural abilities, one cannot avoid skepticism and suspicion of fraud in the face of the evidence. Let’s take a brief look at the modus…

Assessing the Accuracy of Psychics

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / May 1, 2024

What can be make of the accuracy of psychics? Some people have assumed that psychics are incredibly accurate, but this is far from the case. Even psychics themselves admit that…

UFOs and the Occult Connection

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / April 17, 2024

Many UFO sightings can be easily dismissed as mistakenly identified planets, rocket launchings, weather balloons, and various atmospheric phenomena. Sometimes, however, sightings cannot be so easily explained. Indeed, the Air…

UFOs and Hard Evidence

By Dr. Ron Rhodes / April 17, 2024

UFOs are reported to appear seemingly out of nowhere, travel at phenomenal speeds across the sky, turn at impossible angles, and disappear without a trace. Given this, UFOs are scientifically…

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