Center for Spiritual Awareness, Christian Spiritual Alliance

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©1999
Roy E. Davis-The Center for Spiritual Awareness claims to be a vanguard movement for the New Age of enlightenment.


Roy E. Davis-Center for Spiritual Awareness, Christian Spiritual Alliance

Info at a Glance
Name: Roy Eugene Davis and the Center for Spiritual Awareness/Christian Spiritual Alliance (CSA).
Purpose: To serve as a catalyst for ushering in the “New Age.”
Founder: Roy Eugene Davis.
Source of authority: The writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, Roy Davis, Masaharu Taniguichi and various New Thought writers.
Revealed teachings: Yes.
Claim: To be a vanguard movement for the New Age of enlightenment.
Examples of occult potential: Meditation; psychic development.
Key literature: Various books by Roy Eugene Davis: This Is Reality; :Time Space and Circumstance; Creative Imagination; With God We Can; :The Vision of Light.
Attitude toward Christianity: Rejecting
  • “To those who need Jesus as a god, the virgin birth concept helps them maintain their illusions” (Roy Eugene Davis, The Hidden Teachings of Jesus Revealed, p. 51).
  • “We are all incarnations of God”; “We are what God is” (Davis, Truth Journal, DecemberJanuary 1977-1978, p. 5; With God We Can, p. 213).
Doctrinal Summary
God: Brahman; impersonal energy.
Jesus: A man who attained realization of oneness with Spirit.
The Christ: A state of mystical consciousness.
The Holy Spirit: Creative vibration/Lord Shiva.
The Trinity: Being, Consciousness, Bliss; Brahma, Vishu, Shiva.
Salvation: By occult meditation and higher consciousness.
Man: Inwardly divine.
Sin: Error; lower consciousness.
Satan: Illusion or maya.
The Second Coming: Awakening in higher consciousness.
The Fall: Into matter.
The Bible: A usable source of information when interpreted mystically.
Death: Transition to the next life or level of spiritual advancement.
Heaven and Hell: Higher or lower states of mind.

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  1. Pearl on May 8, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Is there a difference between spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening? I so what are they. I always thoght that they were one in the same.

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