Does God's grace simply give me the power to do good works - or is it more than that | John Ankerberg Show

Does God’s grace simply give me the power to do good works – or is it more than that

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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Saved for Sure, Overcoming Doubt: How do you overcome those doubts, to be brought to the point where you say, “Yes, I know it’s okay. I’m going to Heaven.” For Doubters Only: There are still some people who have a tough time in having confidence in their salvation. What do those folks need to do? Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s personal testimony. 
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Keywords: Grace, Good works, Luke 18:11-12

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: Now you’ve got everybody’s attention. They’re saying, “Okay, then I need to know what the real McCoy is. I need to know what is a false faith, what is a true faith.” So let’s contrast them. Okay? Let’s talk about, first of all, one of the false faiths that I think will get us to that, and that is that there are people who say, “I believe in Christ and…” they put another word there. What would you say? What’s wrong with that?
Lutzer: Well, that’s something like as far as they’re concerned faith is like a mutual fund. You know, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket so “I believe in Jesus and I believe in this….” I’ve had this thing happen many times. I say to a person, “Now, if you were to die today and God were to say to you, ‘Why should I let you into Heaven?’ what would you say?”
And he said, “Well, I’m a good person, you know,” and he goes on and on and on. And then I say, “You know, that’s wrong. The answer is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for people’s sins.”
“Oh, well, of course I trust Him, too. Oh sure, that’s a part of it.” A person like that, we can say quite confidently, is lost. Because think of the insult this is to Christ. Because what you’re actually saying is, “Jesus, what you did on the cross is not sufficient. It only becomes sufficient if I add my puny works to your blessed work. Then it’ll be enough. So I do my part; you do your part.” One thing is sure, those people do not have assurance because you can never be sure about your side of the bargain. That is a false faith. Christ and rituals; Christ and the Sacraments; Christ and baptism.

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