Drugs, Imagination, and the Occult

By: Dave Hunt; ©2001
There’s more to the drug culture than just the physical harm to the body. Dave Hunt explains that drugs have helped to open the door to the occult invasion of the west.

Drugs, Imagination, and the Occult

(From Occult Invasion, Harvest House Publishers, 1998)

A Major Beachhead for the Occult invasion

In the 1960s, Timothy Leary, the Pied Piper of Harvard, led mesmerized youth into spiritual experiences that materialistic science had told them did not exist. Leary’s LSD (and other psychedelics) turned out to be the launching pad for mind trips beyond the physical universe of time, space, and matter to a strange dimension where intoxicating nectars were abundant and exotic adventures the norm. For millions it was a “mind-blow­ing” experience that forever changed their lives.

Rock musicians played a key role in leading two generations of youth into drugs. Often the music was written under the influence of psychedelics and the concerts became one huge drug party. Leary called the Beatles “the four evangelists.” listening to the Beatles’ album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Leary said, “The Beatles have taken my place. That latest album—a complete celebration of LSD.”[1]

The drug movement of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s established a major beachhead for the occult invasion of Western civilization. Alan Morrison writes:

At that time, a new counter-culture was formed which opened up the youth of that period to a massive infestation of demonic influence and extreme sinful behavior. Central to this was the use of hallucinogenic and mind-altering drugs such as Marijuana, Cannabis resin, Lysergic Acid Dithylamide (LSD), di-Methyl Tryptamine (DMT), Mescaline, Peyote and other fungal concoctions.[2]

Millions subsequently discovered that they could get as “high” or even “higher” through various techniques of Eastern mysticism (TM and other forms of yoga, visualization and hypnosis). Thus was born something called “New Age.” Hindu and Buddhist occultism penetrated every area of Western society, from psychology and medicine to education and business. Numerous yogis and gurus, such as Vivekananda, Yogananda, Maharaj Ji, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Baba Muktananda, and others quickly realized that drugs had opened the Western mind to their message, and they invaded our shores.

Sorcerers and sorceries are condemned in the Old Testament (Exodus 7; Isaiah 47; Jeremiah 27; Malachi 3). In the New Testament sorcery and sorcerers are again de­nounced (Acts 13:6,8; Revelation 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:15). Today’s word for sorcerer is shaman; and the Greek word translated sorcery in the New Testament is pharmakeia. The shaman must enter an altered state of consciousness to obtain his spirit guide and effect his sorcery, and often the means of doing so is through mind-altering drugs.

Two Generations of Sorcerers

The normal connection between the brain and the human spirit is loosened by drugs, allow­ing a demonic spirit to operate the brain. That fact is being completely ignored by many.

Already two generations of youth have been led unwittingly into sorcery. They thought they were just having fun on “recreational” drugs, only to be ushered seductively into the sorcerer’s world. As a result, they developed a basically Hindu philosophy of life that totally transformed them.

Brad Green is only one of multitudes who stepped into the occult through the psyche­delic door. His experience is typical of many which have been related to the author in interviews around the world. Here are his own words:

When I first took acid [LSD], I took weak enough doses just to have fun and see colors and psychedelic patterns… but when I started taking really heavy doses… I got a spirit guide.
After that, whenever I took psychedelic drugs, I was always guided by spirit beings. I had spirit teachers showing me lessons, making diagrams right in front of me…. One of the first times I took a strong dose of LSD, I had a lesson in astrology…. I saw all the signs of the zodiac… the whole thing was laid out in living color, big charts… information being printed right in front of me by spirit beings…. I heard their voices, but I didn’t see any of them at that time.
On another LSD trip, the spirit guides taught me about Hinduism…. They taught me the highest Hindu vibration, OM [pronounced AUM]. I saw the whole universe dissolve into vibrations and started seeing vibrations of energy coming out of phone wires… and the spirits showed me that everything came down to one basic vibration, the OM. I saw “vibes” in people….
I had quit high school and devoted my life to taking drugs…. With spirits teaching me, I thought I’d entered into a higher education… more worthwhile than just dull stuff in school.
One of my friends was taught Transcendental Meditation by spirits on an LSD trip. He never had any teaching from Maharishi. By the time he was 18, just following what the spirits had taught him… he had reached Cosmic-consciousness.
Later on we were heavily influenced by the Beatles. They had a record called “Revolver” that I’d heard but didn’t understand until I heard it again… when I was stoned. The song was teaching meditation. It said, “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream, listen to the voices, are they not speaking…!” It was about spirit beings guiding you into Cosmic-consciousness.
A lot of stuff the Beatles put into their albums… had all kinds of enticement to get kids into LSD… then later they advocated Maharishi Mahesh Yogi after they’d… gotten into TM. The Beatles, I think, were largely responsible for initiating hundreds of thousands of kids… into the Eastern way of thinking….
I accepted everything the spirits taught me because it had to be truth coming from the Universal Self. I began to believe that was what God was. I started to believe that God was the OM and that the universe was just maya, an illusion…. [Later] I began to realize that the spirits had been teaching me Hinduism. I accepted it as truth—I didn’t care what it was called.[3]

Such experiences cannot be attributed to imagination or coincidence. There is a very clear purpose and a unity to what is taught to those who enter the sorcerers’ world. It is the same worldwide in all cultures and in all periods of history. Unquestionably, contact has been made with nonhuman intelligences that have a definite agenda.


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