What Quenches Your Thirst?

Robby Gallaty,

March 22, 2015


Hey, it is Robby Gallaty, Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church. I hope you enjoyed the program today. In fact, I hope you are edified and encouraged week in and week out as you gather together with us at Brainerd Baptist to study the Word of God and grow closer to the Lord Jesus.


This is a special time for us. It is a time when we celebrate Easter. It is a time when we turn our attention to the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for us. And it is a great reminder of the sacrifice that Christ paid on our behalf.


You have to understand, it was our sin that Christ died for. We should have died on the cross, not Him. And yet that is what makes grace so amazing, that He stood in our place.


I am reminded of the Apostles, even after Jesus came back in the resurrected form. In Acts Chapter 1, Jesus told them to go out into the world and be witnesses to the world. If you remember, He had just gotten off the heels in Matthew 28 of saying, “Go therefore and make disciples.” And so their ministry was about to change. And you are probably wondering, what do we do after Easter. Now that we have celebrated Easter, what do we in a response to what Christ did for us? And I think the response for you is to make disciples.


You have to understand, the disciples’ ministry had been turned upside down. They never imagined that Jesus Christ would leave. That was not in the cards for them. And here Jesus is ascending into heaven. And it is probably one of the reasons that they were still staring into the sky and the angels had to come back and say, hey, now you guys go depart and do the ministry.


And so I want to challenge you to think, where would God use you? Who in your life could you invest your life in? And it doesn’t matter what age you are in or what socioeconomic class you are in. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in. I think we all can make disciples who make disciples.


You know, I never get tired of hearing from you. I know many of you watch our program and you would even consider Brainerd Baptist to be your home church. And maybe because of life situations or the age that you are, you just can’t make it to church like you used to and you worship with us week in and week out. And you tell me that. And I never get tired of hearing that.


I just want to thank you for choosing to worship with us. You have a lot of options to do that and you have chosen Brainerd Baptist.


The second thing I want to do is thank you for your partnership. You know, it takes people like you who systematically will partner with us to keep the program on for you. Many of you have done that already and we are grateful for your support. I hope the program has been a blessing to you and I just want to say personally, Thank You for partnering with us in ministry.


Let me tell you about this upcoming series that we are about to go into. We are going to finish up the next two weeks of John, Knowing Jesus, and the miracles that Jesus performed. And then we are going to venture into a seven-part series based on the I AM statements in the gospel of John.


Now you may have heard these I AM statements before. I AM the resurrection and the life. I AM the good shepherd. I AM the way, the truth and the life. We are going to take them from a Hebraic perspective. We are going to look at them the way Jesus’ audience would have seen them and heard them, and more importantly, the way Jesus would have preached them. And so I encourage you to stick with us over the next few weeks. I pray that week in and week out the sermons are encouraging to you, they are edifying to you.


By the way, we would love to hear about that. So if you have the time, we would love to hear about that. Call into our phone number. Send us an email. Write us a letter. We never get tired of hearing what God is doing in your life. I look forward to meeting you personally one day. God bless you.

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