Evil Angels, the Environment, Near-Death Experiences and UFOs

By: Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr.John Weldon; ©2012
Environmental revelations from the “angels” teach the sacred importance of the environment and how people must be more concerned with the earth as their spiritual parent.

Evil Angels, the Environment, Near-Death Experiences and UFOs

Environmental radicalism has now become a national concern, the result of overzealous activists and politicians whose sometimes misguided ways have done considerably more harm to people than they have provided assistance to the environment.[1] One also finds a deep concern with the environment in most spiritist writings, including among Native Americans, UFO contactees, New Age channeling, and modern angel revelations. The spirits’ interest, however, is to promote pantheism and nature worship, not a cleaner environment.

Environmental revelations from the “angels” teach the sacred importance of the environment and how people must be more concerned with the earth as their spiritual parent. People must learn to view the earth as divine and realize that worship of the creation is crucial to a renewed spirituality. This reflects an increasing return to pagan nature worship (the earth itself is revered as a goddess), and to animism (trees, rivers, plants, rocks, and so on are believed to contain living spirits). Even some ideas in Al Gore’s book on the environment encourage a pagan approach.[2]

The angels who speak through one angel channeler emphasize, “The larger level of healing we speak of involves healing the relationship between your spirit and the spirit of the Earth…. Planet Earth has a life purpose, as you do…. Your desire to seek a deeper exchange with Nature encourages her spirit and further balances all levels of life….”[3]

The popular angels also endorse the New Age “Gaia” concept: “Your spirit’s purpose is to facilitate cooperation between you and Gaia, the Earth…. As you awaken your love as a planetary being… it will ultimately be the means of healing Earth.”[4]

Examples of animism are found in the following angelic revelations: “frees have guardian spirits, and we can learn many things from sitting quietly near a tree and communicating with its energy.”[5] And, “The Water Spirits are the guardian angels of natural sources of water…. All Water Spirits can teach us about our inner feelings. In learning to connect with them, we can gain many benefits.”[6]

The spiritistic Findhorn community in Scotland, with its worship of nature spirits (devas) and angels, is one example of how the popular angel’s’ emphasis on the environment leads to contact with demons under the guise of harmony with Mother Earth. In return for their prayers and for worship to the spirits inside trees, plants, and rivers, the angels promise people physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. They also promise that the earth itself will evolve into perfection.[7]

Near-death research also reveals the modern penchant for “angels.” Millions of people have had what is called a near-death experience (NDE). This is where clinically dead individuals have the perception of being out of the body, going through a tunnel, seeing a light, being enveloped by the light, and having some form of contact with a being of light, the dead, or angels. One of the most common elements is the appearance of a “being of light” (often interpreted as an angel) who guides the dying across the threshold of death. Many nurses who are psychic claim to see angels appear to their patients at the moment of death, supposedly to guide their spirits into the afterlife.[8]

Angels may be a frequent occurrence, or at least perception, in NDEs, but many of their messages are no different from those given in the spiritistic tradition. Unfortunately, as we documented in The Facts on Life After Death,[9] the deep NDE is characteristically an initiation into the world of the occult, and so it has far-reaching consequences. (Another good text is Douglas Groothuis’ Deceived by the Light.)

The popular angels are also associated with UFO’s. Modern fascination with UFO’s has grown by leaps and bounds since the first modern sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947. Today, the field known as ufology is a massive industry having scores of organizations around the world. At least a dozen government investigations and literally millions of sightings, including thousands of alleged UFO entity contacts or abductions, have been reported. Today, people think that UFO’s are either hoaxes, misinterpretations, hallucinations, or actual visits from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

Probably the last conclusion people arrive at is that UFO’s are angelic phenomena, or the product of fallen angels. But this is what they are. Off and on for 20 years coauthor John Weldon has researched this field and has written three books of convincing evidence that UFO’s can only be explained by recourse to demonology. Some of this evidence is given in The Facts on UFOs.[10]


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