Godly Weights and Measures

By: Dr. Ted Baehr; ©2003
Once you get past the artistic merit of a movie, how do you decide if it is something you and your family should see? Dr. Baehr explains.

In our 21st Century era of subjectivity, an age when relativism prevails, the common relativistic rubric is, “It’s just a matter of opinion.” In other words, you can decide what is good or bad… so you can be like God.

However, that is not the biblical perspective. There may be differences in tastes and preferences, but we are called in His Word to apply godly weights and measures to judge the righteous judgment and live according to His will.

One person may like a colonial home and another a ranch house, but a building inspec­tor can determine the quality of lack of quality of the workmanship. Is the house well con­structed? Do the joints hold together? Are there leaks in the roof? Are the windows seated properly? Are there any doors?

There are the standards of drama and film production by which we can evaluate the quality of the workmanship of a movie. And, there are godly standards that should be applied to analyze the theology, worldview and philosophy of a piece of literature or a movie.

Of course, beyond the physical, spiritual and psychological quality of the workmanship which can be judged by applying godly weights and measures, it is a matter of taste.

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