How Do I Commit My Way to the Lord?


Psalm 37:5 says to “Commit your way to the Lord.”How do I do that?


My 13-year-old daughter is a gymnast. This year, 1999, she has won three state championships. In the last two years she has won three national championships in trampoline and tumbling. The reason she has accomplished so much is that she is “committed” to doing her best. She listens and yields her God-given abilities to the instruction of her coach, and practices hard.

In our Christian life, the secret to living a life committed to the Lord is yielding or surrendering our lives to the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit. Part of the work of the Holy Spirit is to “guide” us into all truth (John 16:13) knowing that Jesus says that He is the Truth in John 14:6.

How do I “commit my way to the Lord?” By reading the Bible daily, asking God to reveal in His Word what He wants for you that day—attitudes, words to speak to others, actions at work, in school, at home or your involvement with others—and then being willing to obey what God, through His Holy Spirit, has shown you. By committing our way to the Lord, we will be willing to follow the Lord rather than the pressures of the world.

This article was written for The John Ankerberg Show by Rev. Sam Harris; ©1999.

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