Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


Gaza terrorists launched a reported 100 rockets toward central Israel Tuesday night. Bomb shelters have opened, with the world watching for the nation’s response. Does the Bible address these contemporary conflicts?

While there is much speculation regarding the precise roles certain nations will have with Israel in Bible prophecy, one important principle is crystal clear. Psalm 122:6 urges, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

As Christians, we can first reflect on today’s headlines with an attitude of prayer. Ask God to bring peace to this city and region that stands as the centerpiece of much of our faith’s history.

Israel is the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; it is the land of Moses and the Jewish people who escaped the slavery of Egypt; it is the land ruled by David; the land marking the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ; the city of Jerusalem where the church first began. Despite politics and policies on which various people debate, we can unite around the biblical call to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

From Prayer to Action

While we dare not overlook the power of prayer (James 5:16), many of us feel a desire to assist those caught in the conflict in Israel. The following Christian humanitarian organizations operate in Israel, offering assistance to those of all backgrounds in need of emergency assistance.

Joshua Fund:

Samaritan’s Purse:

Please note that these organizations are listed for informational purposes only and do not express or imply endorsements of particular organizations.

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