Recruiters Among Us?—What Your Church Needs to Know About Homosexuality

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Roger Montgomery; ©2004
Roger Montgomery gives examples to explain that, even in your church, homosexuals may be looking for children to molest.

Dr. John Ankerberg in an interview with Roger Montgomery (See Roger Montgomery’s testimony, “Dying of AIDS,” elsewhere on this site.)

Dr. John Ankerberg: In your counseling, Roger, you’re finding that in every church and almost every group of people there are people that are secretly involved with homosexuality. Tell us about that one little grandmother that wrote to you that was 60 years of age.
Roger Montgomery: All right. The homosexual experience is not unique at all to just outsid­ers. Homosexuals are in the church. They are in our schools. They are everywhere. Everybody is affected with homosexuality whether they know it or not. We received a letter from a lady. She’s 60 years old. She had a children’s ministry when she was young and she was molesting children. She finally found a husband and married him and remained silent about who she was for over 40 years. And finally after she was 60 years old she contacted us and said, “I need some help. I need to be changed on the inside.” And fortunately, we could tell her that that hope has not disappeared in her life; that she could still be changed by Jesus Christ if she would allow Him to.
Ankerberg: You’ve actually even had leaders in the church. Tell us about some of the people that have secretly contacted you and said that they’ve struggled with this.
Montgomery: We have a lot of people that contact us and say that, especially leaders of the church, that say, “I struggle with homosexuality, but I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve been in the church. I’ve been a pastor and a leader of the church for many, many years but I still don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to overcome.” And that’s a very sad state of the church.
Ankerberg: What’s the answer that you give to those people?
Montgomery: I tell them that what they’re struggling with has already been dealt with and the victory has been accomplished because of Jesus Christ’s death. Not anything they have to do but as a gift from God they can receive deliverance.
Ankerberg: Okay. Talk to this thing of, we’ve got two sides. One is we want to reach out to the homosexual community and yet, Rog, you’ve talked about the protection of the children. And talk to that side. What does the church, as well as the general public, the schools, what do they need to know concerning the protection of our children that are coming up and homosexuals that are out there?
Montgomery: For children to be protected from homosexuals or from AIDS?
Ankerberg: From homosexuals. From the recruiters. From being molested and so on.
Montgomery: Well, what the parents need to do is they need to watch their kids and be responsible for them and to realize that there are people out there that would be bent on de­stroying their lives if they have the opportunity. And to realize that you don’t want to build a paranoia, but even as far as Christian camps go, I would not let my child go unsupervised with­out somebody I trust.
Ankerberg: Okay. But how about in the nursery? How about in the children’s church and all of this. Give some illustrations to back up what you’re talking about because the folks don’t know.
Montgomery: Well, in the church a lot of times there are, in the nursery, there are men that watch over the children, young boys, etc., my wife and I will never leave our daughter or our son in a nursery where there are men in the nursery. We are very protective even at church. We don’t promote a paranoia but what we do is we watch our kids very close and we actually do not trust anyone sexually.
Ankerberg: Why, Rog?
Montgomery: Because I know the truth that the people are out there. They may seem like a nice couple. They may seem like a nice spiritual religious person but actually they can be quite the opposite on the inside.
Ankerberg: Back that up with some information of why you say that. In other words, what do you know that the rest of us don’t seem to know?
Montgomery: Well, that’s what I’ve experienced. I was in the church for years and everyone thought that I was a nice person, a nice guy and they wouldn’t hesitate to leave their children with me. But I knew who I was on the inside and plus meeting people on a day to day basis in the church or through the ministry that call us and say “I’m a pastor but I’ve been molesting children. What can I do?”
Ankerberg: What about those in the homosexual community. Did they in your many encoun­ters and sexual encounters did you talk about these things? Was that just kind of common knowledge?
Montgomery: That…
Ankerberg: That there were people that would molest young boys long the way?
Montgomery: That was common knowledge because it happened to almost everyone of them. They were sexually molested and that’s how they were recruited into the lifestyle.
Ankerberg: And then they would do it to others. Montgomery: Right.
Ankerberg: Why? Why young boys?
Montgomery: Youth is everything for the homosexual community. The younger you are the more sexual prowess you have. You are reverenced if you are young and the older people suffer a living nightmare.
Ankerberg: How young?
Montgomery: Very young. Sometimes it’s, you know, as young as 14 or 15. It’s according to how you’re looking at that stage in life.
Ankerberg: So what can the church do, Rog, for protection in terms of, what should they do for the young children?
Montgomery: The first thing they’ve got to do is to realize that no matter who this personmay claim himself to be that you need to be wary and you need to accept the responsibility for your own child and not give that responsibility to others so quickly. I mean I can’t understand why parents can give away their child to someone they barely even know because he’s in the church. I mean that’s just not reasonable. I mean, I would never, just because someone is a nursery worker, give my child over to them unquestionably.
Ankerberg: Okay. And then in society where we’re trying to have laws now, the gay commu­nity is trying to erect laws that they will be allowed to teach our children freely in the schools. What would you say about those kind of laws.
Montgomery: Well, most homosexuals claim that they want to teach unbiased truth. But that’s not true. They are recruiters and it’s not unbiased truth they want to teach, it’s they want to promote their own lifestyle.
Ankerberg: Okay. Rog, so in one sense we want to keep the standards of morality, via the law as well as in society, and on the other side you’re saying that we’re not reaching enough to care for those that are struggling with homosexuality. And the church alone is the one that has the gospel and has the power of Christ and the person of Christ that can change a persons’ life. Not only forgive them of past acts, but can also change them from the inside and make them a new person which is what has happened to you. What’s the final word that you would say to maybe somebody that is struggling with homosexuality tonight?
Montgomery: There is hope in Jesus Christ. The main thing Satan uses to keep someone homosexual is the idea that he cannot change or he cannot be changed. But that’s a lie that Satan wants us to believe. The truth is that Jesus Christ has already changed us apart from ourselves and there’s no self effort because Christ has already done the work for us.

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