Science Awareness

By: Jim Virkler; ©2007

Some Christians are not aware of how science works, not to mention what science has discovered. Since roughly the 16th and 17th centuries, through the contributions of dozens of innovative science pioneering giants, a formal “scientific method” has developed as an effective means of discovering truths about the natural world. Before that, Aristotelian science ruled, mystical and speculative, supported more by the power of pure argument than by anything resembling the experimental discovery and formal process science we know today. In the last five hundred years, the development of scientific method has been one of man’s foremost achievements. It has become known as the scientific revolution.

Scientific method is empirical. That is to say, it is based upon experience and experiment, observation, measurement, hypothesis, testing, and verification as a means of discovering truths about the workings of our sphere of existence. Some people have manipulated or distorted the discoveries of science in order to advance their special agenda. Others have diminished its legitimate findings for the same purpose. Still others have restricted or expanded the scope of legitimate scientific method to promote their particular worldview.

Practitioners of science are often agenda-driven. Philosophers of science often mold public opinion about what science is, and what its accomplishments are or should be. In future posts we will examine some of these trends and how they impact our Christian worldview.

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