UFOs, RUFOs, and UAPs

By Jim Virkler | November 25, 2019

Published 11-25-2019 Since 1947 when the “flying saucer” craze first impacted public awareness in a significant way, many books and articles have been published, numerous radio and television specials have…

Of This World?

By Jim Virkler | November 16, 2019

Published 11-16-2019 When the Scientific Revolution commenced roughly 400 years ago, humans began to seek more rational explanations for everyday phenomena. Scientific methods of observation, experimentation, measuring, hypothesizing, and testing…

Astronomy–Extraordinaire or Mundane?

By Jim Virkler | November 5, 2019

Published 11-5-2019 We conclude our short series of posts on astronomy phenomena with a few more cosmic wonders we have experienced in the past few decades. Interest in astronomy varies in our…

Autumn Decline vs Potential for Renewal

By JA Show Staff | October 18, 2019

Published 10-18-2019 Everyday conversations often begin with comments on the short and long term vagaries of the weather. Short term changes relate to rather sudden shifts. For example, one sunny…

Autumn Farewell to Monarchs

By JA Show Staff | October 10, 2019

Published 10-10-2019 Perhaps no insect commands more interest than Danaus Plexippus—the well-known Monarch butterfly. Its flashy physical appearance and distinctive migratory behavior locates this species in a special category. Our readers…

Anthropic Principle and Anthropocentrism

By JA Show Staff | September 26, 2019

Published 09-26-2019 Physicist Brandon Carter proposed the AnthropicPrinciple in 1973. It has become the topic of many fascinating scientific, philosophical, and theological discussions. William Lane Craig, philosopher and theologian, has written extensively…

Beginnings and Designs

By JA Show Staff | September 23, 2019

Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) coined the term “Big Bang” to describe what his scientist colleagues had described as an explosive event. Hoyle never accepted the concept of a Big Bang. He advocated the “Steady State” theory in which matter is continually created. He felt that the Big Bang was a pseudoscientific, irrational proposal. The universe was infinitely old, he believed, having no beginning (also no end!). He described space as never ending.

Discovering Climate Truth

By JA Show Staff | September 14, 2019

Currently, the presidential primary season has revealed that a vast majority of candidates of one major party has installed climate change as a paramount platform issue. Readers may be confronted by questions: What is your view? What guides your thinking and belief on the climate change issue? What is true?

Climate Change: Separating Blame from Cause

By JA Show Staff | September 6, 2019

Published 9-6-2019 Our climate change discussion begins with recollection of two different undergraduate electives offered by my university more than a half-century ago. Their one-word course titles caught my eye—meteorology…

Climate and Truth

By JA Show Staff | August 28, 2019

Published 8-28-2019 In Acts 17 the Apostle Paul visited Athens, Greece, one of many locations he toured during his missionary journeys. One account relates his meeting with Epicurean and Stoic…

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