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Steve Jobs – A Tribute and A Hope

By The John Ankerberg Show | February 9, 2011

By: John G Weldon PhD; ©October 2011 Steve Jobs was a one-of-a-kind man who broke the mold; sort of an Edison, Disney, Einstein, and somewhat techno-Francis Collins rolled into one.…

Turmoil and Treachery in the Land of the Pharaohs/Part 3

By The John Ankerberg Show | February 7, 2011

By: John G. Weldon; ©2011 Egypt has the 10th largest standing army in the world, controls the vital Suez Canal and has been a critical ally to the US in…

No Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems? A Second Opinion

By The John Ankerberg Show | January 31, 2011

By: Dillon Burroughs; ©2011 Dutch researchers claim there is no link between abortion and mental health problems. Is this true? For an in depth look at this topic, see The…

What is Black Liberation Theology?

By The John Ankerberg Show | August 12, 2008

By: ATRI Staff Writer; ©2008 Liberation Theology grew up out as a result of efforts to establish a just and fraternal society in which all people may have dignity and…

Beware of False Doctrines!!!

By The John Ankerberg Show | September 6, 2000

By: Dr. Ted Baehr; ©2000 The ABC Special “The Search for Jesus” allowed only one side to be presented. Dr. Baehr explains why this made it so dangerous. Contents 1…

The Love of Money

By The John Ankerberg Show | September 6, 2000

By: Abu Atallah; ©2000 If Christians do not love money and betrayal, why did the Christian church take people’s money in the Middle Ages? Also, if the West is Christian,…