The Coptic Tenets – Occultism in Central Michigan

By: Carl Teichrib; ©2001
The Coptic Fellowship International will convene their annual meeting this June in central Michigan. Carl Teichrib looks at some of the beliefs of this group, and issues a call for Christians to be in prayer and to be prepared to share the true Gospel with the attendees.

The Coptic Tenets: Occultism in Central Michigan

This coming June, in the heart of south central Michigan, a group of highly moti­vated occultists and New Agers are gathering to help usher in the “universal Christ consciousness.” Starting on Friday, June 22 and ending on Sunday the 23rd, the orga­nization, Coptic Fellowship International, will convene their annual meeting and con­duct occult Egyptian rituals.

Not to be mistaken with Coptic Christianity (although it appears to have connections to it), the Coptic Fellowship is an organization founded by Master Hamid Bey, an occult adept who, it is said, studied in the Coptic Temples of Egypt from the ages of six until eighteen. It was claimed that Hamid could perform feats of suspended animation, deep pain control, and levitation. It was also claimed that spiritual Masters sent him to America to counter the claims of the famous escape artist Houdini, who announced that he could mechanically duplicate any so-called spiritual phenomenon. Hamid was in America only three weeks before Houdini died.

According to Coptic Fellowship literature, Hamid stayed on in the United States to demonstrate his spiritual powers, and to help Americans attain the enlightenment of ancient wisdom teachings. In 1976, Mr. Bey passed away, but his organization lives on under the guiding hand of New Age author and occult practitioner, John Davis (Mr. Davis is also actively involved in a sister interfaith/occult body known as the Spiritual Unity of Nations, or SUN).

For the past number of years, the Coptic Fellowship International has been holding their annual meeting in Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan. This year is no exception. Coptic’s theme for the year 2001 annual meeting: “Out of Egypt I Shall Call My Suns.” Event work­shops will focus on Angels and ET’s, Global Transformation, manifestation techniques, Christ consciousness training, crystals, and “Healing in the Light.” A special program for youth is also planned. The agenda includes palm reading, tarot and goddess card divina­tion, making dream catchers, and numerology.

Upon opening the event’s invitational brochure, you’ll discover the pyramid and all-seeing eye as found on the back of the American one-dollar bill. Bringing home the pur­pose of the emblem, the brochure reads,

The symbology of the all-seeing eye of the pyramid dramatically displayed on the back of the dollar bill next to the great seal of the United States is just another stepping stone linking the hidden mysteries of Egypt to the unfoldment of the Aquarian realization of unity we all seek on all levels of the world society.

Advancing the “world society” is paramount to the Coptics. According to the same brochure,

Our Coptic Logos of the multi-faceted eagle and the pyramid of the rising sun represent the altruistic potential of the dream of “the world as one family” populated by Christs of all nations and religions…Our ultimate goal is to become a fully mature Christed being.

Included in the invitation is a list of key New Age speakers. Of particular interest was the name Ahmed Fayed. Mr. Fayed is a man with vast knowledge on Egyptian occultism and secret mystical societies. He is the lead Egyptologist for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Virginia Beach based organization of occultist and “prophet” Edgar Cayce. He is a personal friend of Mrs. Sadat, the wife of former President Anwar Sadat. Mr. Fayed has connections with many other highly recognized individuals. He was the personal guide to Elizabeth Taylor, Leo Buscaglia, Henry Kissinger, and the late Frank Sinatra and Princess Diana.

On the last page of their brochure is a list of eight “Coptic Tenets.” These guides are to assist in transforming humanity through a Christ conscious re-birth. The eight tenets are,

  1. Teach the fundamental principles and common thread of truth inherent in and transcend­ing all world religions.
  2. Interpret ancient truth in the light in the light of modern scientific discoveries. Promote the merging of science and religion into a Oneness.
  3. Promote and demonstrate the practical natural laws and principles.
  4. Teach techniques and practice in the art of concentration, meditation and the revelation of inner truths of Higher Consciousness.
  5. Give perspective and insight into oneself in relation to earth, humanity and the New Age transformation.
  6. Provide many of the lost and hidden keys to understanding and applying techniques in the quest of self-mastery and eventual Christ and God consciousness.
  7. To work harmoniously with other New Age groups and promote Goodwill and Universal Christ principles into the mass consciousness.
  8. To disseminate information of the three stages of the Christ Return.

Please keep the people of south-central Michigan in prayer this June. Pray that the Christians in Olivet will be able to share the only path to God–Jesus Christ–with those who are attending this occult meeting. The attending spiritual seekers desperately need to recognize their sin–the pride and arrogance of believing that they could become equal to God. Please pray that those in attendance will come away disillusioned, confused, and unsatisfied by the occult and New Age. Ask God to open their eyes to the truth of His word and that they would humble themselves before their maker.

Now is the time for America to be in prayer.

(Carl Teichrib is the Director of Research at Hope For The World, the organization of best-selling author Gary Kah. To see more of Carl’s work, go to

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