The Link Between Evolution and the Occult

By: Dave Hunt; ©1999
Dave Hunt explains why evolution is not just a “scientific” issue. It has heavily impacted people’s religious and moral beliefs.

The Link Between Evolution and the Occult

The Bible or Evolution?

Ignorant of the scientific refutation of evolution and of its contradiction of Scripture, Donald Devine, former director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, spoke out in support of his Pope: “Prehuman man apparently existed for millions of years…. This is not a refutation of the Bible but a confirmation of it—that it took God to breathe in a soul before man could be man.”[1] On the contrary, the theory of theistic evolution, involving as it does prehuman ancestors of man (New York’s Cardinal O’Connor says Adam and Eve were lower animals),[2] contradicts not only Genesis but the entire Bible.

Rather than God implanting a human soul in prehuman creatures that had evolved from ocean slime, Moses tells us that God formed Adam from “the dust of the ground” and then later God formed Eve from “one of his ribs” (Gen. 2:7, 18-23). Prehuman ancestors cannot be reconciled with that account, an account which Jesus Himself confirmed (Matt. 19: 4,5).

Christ refers to the Genesis account of man’s creation and quotes directly from it, placing His stamp of approval on its authenticity. Paul, too, attested to the accuracy of the Genesis account when he declared that “Adam was first formed, then Eve” (1 Tim. 2:13,14; see also 1 Cor. 15:22, 45; Jude 14). Furthermore, Paul says that it was through Adam that sin entered into the world, and death by sin (Rom. 5:12). If Adam and Eve descended from ancestors who had lived and died during thousands (or millions) of years of prehuman evolution until God finally humanized them, death would have been in effect before Adam sinned. Clearly, such a contradiction would be devastating to Christianity.

Theistic evolution’s theory of prehuman creatures as man’s ancestors contradicts Genesis, Christ’s teaching, Paul’s preaching, and the gospel. What the Roman Catholic Church and other proponents of theistic evolution apparently don’t realize is quite clear to The American Atheist:

But if death preceded man and was not a result of Adam’s sin, then sin is fiction. If sin is fiction, then we have no need for a Savior…. Evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason [for] Jesus’ earthly life…. If Jesus was not the Redeemer who died for our sins, and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing.[3]

Evolution, that “most bloated of sacred cows,”[4] has persuaded millions that the Bible isn’t reliable and that the God of the Bible doesn’t exist. As Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson puts it, “The whole purpose of the Darwinian evolutionary story is to…show that you don’t need a preexisting intelligence to do all the work of creation.”[5]

Facing the Truth

Johnson shocked the academic world in 1991 with his book Darwin on Trial. Knowing that it is the unpardonable sin in academia to oppose evolution, Johnson courageously and with the precision of a trial lawyer demolished Darwinism by demonstrating that it would not stand up in court. Johnson indicted his fellow academicians with having “abandoned the truthful and accurate reporting to which science has traditionally been committed in their zeal to extirpate and dismiss religion from public life.”[6]

If evolution were true, there would necessarily have been literally billions of intermediary stages filling the fossil record. Imagine the millions of tiny steps it must have taken over millions of years to develop lungs from gills, the stomach and digestive system, eyes, kidneys, the brain and nervous system throughout the body, the heart and bloodstream, sperm and ovum for mammals, the egg and its shell for birds and reptiles, etc. Yet not one of these “missing links” has been found!

And what about instinct? Evolution has no answer. Even if the bat’s sophisticated radar system suddenly appeared by chance, who taught the first mutated bat to use it? How many millions of Arctic terns drowned before the first one, by chance, learned to navigate thousands of miles across the ocean? How many salmon lost their way in the ocean and never made it back to spawn before this uncanny instinct was developed? How many millions of spiders starved before the amazing mechanism for making webs suddenly chanced itself into existence—and who taught that unique mutated spider how to make a web? How many eggs of all manner of birds rotted before the instinct to hatch eggs devel­oped, and how was it learned and passed on?

Pursuing a Delusion

Jean Houston, who is both a psychologist and a theologian, presents us with a synthe­sis of psychology, occultism, and evolution in her workshops and writings. In some of her workshops she leads participants into an alleged awakening of ancient prehuman “memo­ries” as a means of gaining insight into their personalities and working through “emotional blocks.” Here is an excerpt from a reporter’s account of one such session:

“Remember when you were a fish,” Houston suggested….Nearly a thousand people…dropped to the floor and began moving their “fins” as if to propel themselves through water.
“Notice your perception as you roll like a fish. How does your world look, feel, sound, smell, taste?”
“Then you came up on land,” Houston recalled, taking us through the amphibian state….
Then Houston suggested, “Allow yourself to fully remember being a reptile….Then some of you flew. Others climbed trees….”
We became a zoo of sounds and movements made by early mammals, monkeys, and apes.
Houston then called us to remember being “the early human” who loses his/ her protective furry covering “and…evolves into modern human….”
We had become a wriggling sea of bodies—nearly a thousand housewives, therapists, artists, social workers, clergy, educators, health professionals…[who] had crawled over and under each other, enjoying ourselves and re-learning what was deep within our memories.[7]

This “exercise in evolutionary memory,” as Houston calls it, is patently nonsense. The fact is that no one has such “memories.” Nor could such memories exist at some uncon­scious level (as in Jung’s alleged “collective unconscious”), or even at the cellular level, as some argue, inasmuch as evolution is a myth that never occurred in real life. Then what is happening? Obviously, participants are talked into fantasizing in order to play along with the regressive therapy game.

It is amazing to see who is willing to participate in such folly. Houston chaired and organized a symposium for leading U.S. government policymakers entitled “The Possible Society: An Exploration of Practical Policy Alternatives for the Decade Ahead.” She tells of guiding about 150 high-ranking officials for about three days. She had these officials on the floor, imagining internal journeys on a search for “the possible society.” Such exercises, of course, can lead one into occult contact as surely as the shaman’s journey to which it is clearly related.

Evolution, psychology, shamanism: The link is clear, but it is a belief in evolution which has led the downward spiral to today’s renaissance of the occult. Man’s much-vaunted claim to an evolving ascent to perfection has led instead to an inglorious return to pagan superstition.


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