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The Lost Tomb of Jesus – A Response Support Materials

By: Dr. Dillon Burroughs

The Jesus Tomb Show–Biblical Archaeologists Reject Discovery Channel Show’s Claims
By: Dr. Ben Witherington

The worst sort of misuse of archaeological evidence to support a tendentious theory that is so speculative it requires linking one weak hypothesis to another to another to reach a conclusion.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Response to the Discovery-Channel Documentary
By: Dr. Gary Habermas

Recently, questions have been raised regarding the historicity of the death and resurrection of Jesus. These issues emerged from the directorial genius of James Cameron and is entitled, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” This new Hollywood-quality documentary is set to air March 4th, 2007 on the Discovery Channel. However, this documentary is poorly supported by the historical and scientific data, regardless of how well the film has been made.

Is Special’s Stat Man Backing Off? Used by permission
By: by Dr. Darrell Bock

“It is not in the purview of statistics to conclude whether or not this tombsite is that of the New Testament family.”

Problems Multiply for Jesus Tomb Theory
By: Dr. Ben Witherington

Having now scrutinized the book The Jesus Family Tomb book which accompanies the show there are further things that need to be stressed that are wrong with this whole theory and its varied speculations. I will list them seriatim as bullet points.

Hollywood Hype: The Oscars and Jesus’ Family Tomb, What Do They Share?
By: Dr. Darrell Bock

Today we have the battle of the hype: the Oscars versus the release of the family tomb of Jesus story. The tomb is an old story now being recycled in an effort to make far more of it than the evidence really requires.

The Jesus Tomb? ‘Titanic’ Talpiot Tomb Theory Sunk From The Start
By: Dr. Ben Witherington

James Cameron, the producer of the movie Titantic, has now jumped on board another sinking ship full of holes, presumably in order to make a lot of money before the theory sinks into an early watery grave. Man the lifeboats and get out now.

The Main Event, Was Jesus Really Resurrected?
By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dillon Burroughs

The claims of The Lost Tomb of Jesus not only require thatSimcha Jacobovici and James Cameron prove that the ossuaries found in the Talpiot Tomb contain the bones of Jesus and his family, but also that they disprove that Jesus rose from the dead. The question that must be answered is The Main Event — Was Jesus really resurrected?

Reaction of Tal Ilan and Others
By: Dr. Darrell Bock

One of the key people interviewed on this special is Tal Ilan. She has written a catalog of names for the centuries in question that is at the root of the statistical work.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus – How the Experts Were Used in the Special – Blog
By: Dr. Darrell Bock

I am involved in an internal blog for scholars and one of the questions that came up was how certain experts were involved.

How the Experts Were Used in the Special: A Discussion with Dr. Darrell Bock Regarding Discovery’s The Lost Tomb of Jesus
By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dillon Burroughs

Discovery’s program claims that the statistical evidence that the ossuaries contain Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene is 600 to 1. How were the statistics compiled to make such claims?

Dr. Dillon Burroughs

Dr. Dillon Burroughs

Dillon Burroughs serves as senior writer at The John Ankerberg Show and has written nearly 40 books on issues of faith and culture. He is also an associate editor for The Apologetics Bible for Students and has contributed to many works on apologetics and Christian worldview. Dillon is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and holds a PhD in Leadership from Piedmont International University. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife, Deborah, and their three children.
Dr. Dillon Burroughs

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