The Truth About the Founder of Christianity/Part 1

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The Issue of Truth

Ed. note: This article is based upon the transcript from programs produced by the John Ankerberg Show. Additional material has been added for this print version.

The Issue of Truth

Every tiny part of us cries out against the idea of dying, and hopes to live forever.—Ugo Betti in Struggle to Dawn (1949)

In our increasingly hectic world, it seems as if most men today have substituted convenience for truth. Despite the unhappy exchange there is nothing more important in life than finding truth, nor is there any more valued possession. Throughout history both the famous and men of letters have had some interesting things to say about truth. Consider some examples:

Man passes away; generations are but shadows; there is nothing stable but truth. (Josiah Quincy)

A sincere attachment to truth, moral and scientific, is a habit which cures a thousand little infirmities of mind. (Sydney Smith)
God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. (Emerson)
To love the truth is to refuse to let one’s self be saddened by it. (Andre Gide)
So little trouble do men take in their search after truth; so readily do they accept whatever comes first to hand. (Thucydides)
Without truth there is no goodness. (Matthew Henry)
For most of us the truth is no longer part of our minds; it has become a special product for experts. (Jacob Bronowski)
Truth matters more than man…. (George Steiner)[1]

If knowing truth is in one’s best interest, then the claim of Christianity to have the truth and the claim of Jesus Christ to be the truth is worth investigation.

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