Our God is revealed to us as three “persons,” each one bringing to us an ever-expanding understanding of our salvation.

Did Jesus Christ have to Suffer at the hands of Pilate?

By JA Show Staff | January 21, 2020

What role does the suffering of Jesus Christ play in the history of salvation? Was it predicted by Isaiah in the Old Testament?

I Believe in Jesus… Crucified

By JA Show Staff | January 21, 2020

When Jesus was crucified, all hope should have been lost. It was al necessary for God’s plan to come full circle.

Conceived of the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary

By JA Show Staff | January 6, 2020

Let’s acknowledge right from the start that the virgin birth of Jesus is a difficult doctrine to wrap your mind around. After all, how many virgins do you know who have ever gotten pregnant – while retaining their virginity?

I Believe… Our Lord

By JA Show Staff | December 31, 2019

At first glance, this line in the Apostles’ Creed may seem fairly insignificant. It’s only two words which could easily be lost or overlooked. But that would be a huge…

I Believe… in Jesus

By R. L. Wilson | December 20, 2019

Who is Jesus? That topic has occupied men’s minds for 2,000 plus years. Thousands upon thousands of books have been written to explore the subject. Even the apostle John was…

I Believe… in Jesus Christ

By JA Show Staff | December 18, 2019

Jesus Christ. First, it should be mentioned that “Christ” is not Jesus’ surname. He was not, as one author put it, “Jesus Christ, the son of Joseph and Mary Christ.”[1] No,…

I Believe in… God’s Only Son

By JA Show Staff | December 18, 2019

According to the Apostles’ Creed, Jesus is “God’s only Son.” At this point some of you may be saying, “But wait a minute! The Bible says that anyone who believes…

Apostles’ Creed: Maker of Heaven and Earth

By JA Show Staff | November 19, 2019

Who—or what—is God, this one the Apostles’ Creed identifies as the “Maker of heaven and earth”?

The Apostles’ Creed: I Believe in God…Almighty

By JA Show Staff | November 19, 2019

In the Apostles’ Creed the word Almighty is a collective that is meant to represent all God’s attributes, the fullness of God’s perfections.

Apostles’ Creed: God, the Father

By John Ankerberg Show Staff | November 1, 2019

One of the ways God has chosen to reveal Himself to us is through the idea of fatherhood. Of course, every analogy—even this one—breaks down at some point, so it’s important not to press them too far.