What are the five unbreakable links in God's way of salvation? | John Ankerberg Show

What are the five unbreakable links in God’s way of salvation?

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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Saved for Sure, Overcoming Doubt: How do you overcome those doubts, to be brought to the point where you say, “Yes, I know it’s okay. I’m going to Heaven.” For Doubters Only: There are still some people who have a tough time in having confidence in their salvation. What do those folks need to do? Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s personal testimony. 
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Keywords: Predestination, Justification, Calling and election, Romans 8:29

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: I’ve got to ask you, because people are thinking, “Okay, how do I know I’m one of those chosen?”
Lutzer: We know it through the promises of Christ. You know, despite what the Bible says about predestination and election – and it has much to say about that – I always tell people, don’t get hung up on it because you can know whether or not you are the elect, whether or not you are part of God’s chosen. If you come to Him, you will thereby prove that you are one of His.
You know, Jesus Christ says, “If any man come to me, I will not cast him out. [John 6:37] I will give him eternal life.” It’s cleaving to the promises of Christ. And we need to do that. Now, maybe in a later program we’ll be able to talk about doubts and what have you, but the simple fact is, it comes down to whether or not I’m trusting in myself plus, or if I’m trusting in Christ alone. And as I said on a previous broadcast, if we believe that when Jesus died on the cross He did all that ever will be necessary for us to enter into God’s presence, and we trust that, we will be saved and we will know it.

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Hi there,
What would you recommend as the ultimate layman’s guide to prove that the Bible is the word of God?

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