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What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean to You?

By: Rev. Sam Harris




I am a relatively new Christian and a non-Christian friend has asked me what the birth of Jesus means to me. I want to answer her from a biblical perspective but am not sure where to turn. Can you help me?


Thanks for asking such a good question and wanting to share your faith with a friend. I am also excited that you want to answer her from a biblical point of view. I want to give you a rather long answer to a short question, but I believe it will help you and her as well. Let’s consider this question from both an Old and New Testament perspective.

What does the birth of Jesus mean to me? I’m going to give you the Scripture pas­sages and ask that you look them up in order that you might be familiar with them, perhaps even mark your Bible for future reference.

1. It means that prophecy has been fulfilled.

  1. Concerning the place of birth—Micah 5:2
  2. Concerning the means of birth—Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23
  3. Concerning lineage—Isaiah 11:1-3 These passages affirm that God handled all of the arrangements; it was a miraculous birth, a divine birth.

2. It means that an Heir was born to Israel’s throne. God had promised an heir to Israel’s throne; read what the angel Gabriel said to Mary: Luke 1:32 & 33. (Notice how long it will last!)

3. It means that joy has come into this world. Luke records three instances of rejoicing:

  1. The angels—Luke 2:14
  2. The shepherds—Luke 2:20
  3. Simeon—Luke 2: 25-32

4. It means that a Savior has been provided.

  1. He came as a ransom—Mark 10:45. What is a ransom? It means to secure the re­lease of someone or something for a required price.
  2. He came to save us from sin—Luke 1:21
  3. He came to seek and save the lost. Read the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10

5. It means that Satan would be defeated—1 John 3: 8; Hebrews 2: 14 (If Jesus is going to rule on His throne forever, then there can’t be two powerful forces in the world.)

If Jesus can remove Satan from each of our hearts, then it means:

6. That peace can enter our hearts.

  1. He came to bring peace—Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:14
  2. He made peace at Calvary—Colossians 2:19-20
  3. He is our eternal peace—Isaiah 9:7

7. It means that a way to heaven has been provided.

  1. A way promised by Jesus—John 14:5 & 6
  2. A way is made by God’s love—John 3:16

8. Finally, He will come again in glory.

  1. Fulfill His word—John 14:3
  2. Raise the dead—1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
  3. Destroy death—1 Corinthians 15:25 & 26
  4. Gather the elect—Matthew 24:31
  5. Judge the world—Matthew 25:32-46
  6. Reward God’s people—Matthew 16:27

From prophecy, through the joy of His birth, the salvation offered to us, the defeat of Satan, the assurance of eternal life, and the promise of His return—that’s what the birth of Jesus means to me! I hope this is helpful.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Rev. Sam Harris

Rev. Sam Harris

Rev. Sam Harris

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Abel Idodo
Abel Idodo
2 years ago

i want to know the importance of Jesus birth.

John Ankerberg Show Staff
Reply to  Abel Idodo

This is a great question- I think that this article may answer some of the questions that you have, and it’s a great time of year to explore this topic: http://jablog.flywheelsites.com/jesus/christmas/god-came-to-us-the-miracle-of-christmas/

Abel Idodo
Abel Idodo
2 years ago

what is the importance of Jesus birth

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