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What is more important – how much faith you have, or what you have faith in

By: The John Ankerberg Show
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Saved for Sure, Overcoming Doubt: How do you overcome those doubts, to be brought to the point where you say, “Yes, I know it’s okay. I’m going to Heaven.” For Doubters Only: There are still some people who have a tough time in having confidence in their salvation. What do those folks need to do? Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s personal testimony. 
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Keywords: Faith, Christ alone

Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: Erwin, we want to help those that are doubting out there. And you’ve got a great story about what Christ has done for us. Illustrate it.
Lutzer: Yes. I hope I can tell it well, John, because it’s really a long story but I’m going to summarize it. The story is, a man went into a room and he saw all of these card files and he realized that they were really the story of his life. For example, there was a file cabinet filled with “people I’ve known” or “people I’ve prayed with.” But there were other file cabinets such as “lustful thoughts that I have had” – a huge file on that; “various sexual sins I have committed.” Maybe there was another file cabinet entitled, “Internet sites I have visited.” So the man was so overcome by shame, he had only one desire and that is, to lock the door of the room, throw away the key.
Suddenly, as he’s weeping, somebody is standing there. He can’t believe it. He looks up. “Oh! Not Him. Anyone but Him. Anyone but Jesus.” Jesus comes and puts His arm around him as the man is burning with shame. Jesus is sad also, but then Jesus begins to go through all of these card files – and there were hundreds of them – very, very quickly. And Jesus is going through these cards, and the man is just overcome by that sense of guilt and shame because Jesus is looking at all of the details of his life.
When Jesus is finished, He shows the man one of the cards, and on each of the cards under the sin Jesus had written His own name, signed with His own blood. And then Jesus came over, put His arm around the man and said, “It is finished.” That, John, is the Gospel. There are people who are listening today who are so overcome by shame, overcome by their sin, they have to know that when Jesus died and said, “It is finished,” that they can participate in the forgiveness of Christ if they are willing to come to Him.

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