What the Universe’s Most Massive Star Reveals about God

By: ATRI Staff; ©2010
What does the weight of the heaviest star ever discovered tell us about how the universe began?

What the Universe’s Most Massive Star Reveals about God

According to FOX News, scientists have recently identified the star R136a1, thought to be the heaviest star ever discovered. With a weight hundreds of times more massive than the sun, this finding is forcing researchers to rethink previous information regarding our known universe. But does this new data point out anything about God?

In the press release, Dr. Crowther, an astrophysicist at the University of Sheffield, notes that, “Unlike humans, these stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age.”[1] Why is this the case? Dr. Hugh Ross, a past guest on the “John Ankerberg Show,” has spoken on this topic on our program. Noting the rate of decay of stars in our universe, he notes each star dates back to a point of origin, requiring an outside designer or originator.

In Dr. Ross’ documentary Journey Toward Creation, he shares, “Millions of galaxy clusters fill the universe, each containing thousands of galaxies, adding up to ten billion trillion stars. That’s ten with 21 zeroes after it. To try to get a handle on this colossal number, consider this: if ten billion trillion dimes were stacked on top of each other, a line of dimes would make 125 trips to Alpha Centauri and back.

“As vast and innumerable as all these galaxies and stars may seem, and as tiny and insignificant as they make us feel, this enormity is essential to life’s existence. In order for the universe to sustain even one life support planet, each one of these ten billion trillion stars is a necessity. If the number of stars in the observable universe were any greater or any fewer, life would be impossible.”[2]

Simply put, each star, from the largest to smallest, had a point of origin that points out the need for a designer of that star. Amazingly, if the number of stars were different than they are, life would be impossible. This exceedingly complex view of the universe highlights the impossibility of any option other than an outside Designer who is all-wise, all-powerful, and all-caring in the creation of all things. These observation reflect what the Bible has always taught about God, that He is all-powerful, knows all things, and intimately cares for His creation, including you.



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