When Muslims Meet Jesus/Program 3

By: Tom Doyle, Kamal Saleem, General William Boykin; ©2013
Dr. Ankerberg continues his important series with Kamal Saleem, Tom Doyle, and retired General William Boykin as they share concerns of Muslim influence in America as well as amazing accounts of Muslims converting to Christianity through the influence of believers showing Christ’s love in practical ways.

Muslim Influence and How the Gospel Continues to Redeem the Lost

John Ankerberg: Folks, it’s been my privilege for the last weeks of time to have these three men as my guests. And we’ve got General William Boykin with us today, former commander, leader of Special Forces, commander of Delta Force. We’ve got Kamal Saleem who came out of the world of terrorism and gave us a wonderful illustration of the love of Christ to people that actually have been fighting against Him and how Christ drew Kamal to Himself. We’re going to hear some more this week. And Tom Doyle. Tom I want you to start us off in terms of, again, let’s go to Jordan. A lot of people look at Jordan as being very peaceful, a neighbor to Israel and almost moderate in terms of their beliefs about Islam. And yet, the highest number of honor killings of any Muslim state in the world is in Jordan. And I want you to take us to a story about a lady who had five children who, they were sick. And she saw this America clinic, Christian clinic, in Jordan, and what was the question that she asked them coming through the door?

Tom Doyle: She asked them, she opened the door and peeked in and they said, “Would you like to come in?” And she said, “I didn’t know if it was okay for Muslims to come in.” And the Christian said, “Well, of course it is. It’s no problem.” And as she walked in she found that most of the people in the waiting room were Muslim women with their families. There were Muslim men. And as she got in there, John, she realized this; she had walked into this atmosphere of just unconditional love. They gushed over her. And, in fact, that’s a real message for Muslim people today is that what is being seen among the Christians is just love for them, no strings attached, just wanting to love them and show the love of Jesus to them.

So this woman comes in and she is overwhelmed by how she’s treated, and her kids are coloring little Bible stories, and soon she’s visiting with friends. And she ends up staying at the clinic the entire day. Her kids are all seen, all five of her kids are seen, and finally Jamilla is just hanging out, just wants to be there. The people are loving her. And that night she goes home with the children. She’s gotten a lot of medicine, a lot of love, a lot of attention, and she really is wondering about some things. And she says, “I’ve never considered even visiting with Christians. What’s this about? What is this about, God?” And that night, John, she has a dream about Jesus. And the next morning as the team is there ready to begin the day, here comes Jamilla running down the street, yelling, “I saw Him last night. He was with me. I saw Him.” And throughout the week during the medical clinic she had two more dreams about Jesus combined with being in that, that place of love where she felt safe. Soon she became a dedicated follower of Jesus.

And that for us believers is really our spiritual ID bracelet. Jesus said that. He said, “By this all men will know you are My disciples,” by what? “By your love.” You don’t have to be an expert on Islam to reach out to your Muslim neighbor that lives next door. You need to just love them with the love of Christ, be a friend, get to know them. And you’ll have a chance to not only pray with them, but to explain your faith in Jesus and how much He loves them.

Ankerberg: Yeah, I want to change the atmosphere from Jesus appearing to Muslims and drawing them to Himself, and Christians being available to represent Jesus to their Muslim neighbors, to the opposite side of the tracks here, where you have Muslims like Kamal once was, who came here to infiltrate our country and to recruit people to radical Islam; and how the Muslim Brotherhood is spreading among our institutions from banking to our schools—we’ve got Islamic Student Association on almost every university campus here in America; the mosques, and then government. And there’s been something in terms of the research for this program that came out a report that 19 of the security experts in our country—and you were one them—came to the conclusions about how the infiltration is taking place, and you had a whole chapter on a fellow that penetrated our government and it answered the question: how did we ever get Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military, okay. You know about this because you were one of the experts that did this report, it’s a 353 page report. Tell me about this man and what he did.

General Boykin: Abdurahman Alamoudi. In fact, Kamal knows him. And he came here in ‘79 out of Eritria. He’s a Muslim scholar. He came here and founded an organization called the American Muslim Council. And over a period of a decade plus, he worked his way into essentially the highest circles of our government. He became very close to the Clinton family during the Clinton presidency. He was in and out of the White House all the time. He was recognized by both the President, as well as the First Lady as being the most renowned representative of the Islamic community in America. He was even used as a good will ambassador to the Middle East, representing the United States government. We know now that not only was he a terrorist, but he was associated with some of the more extreme terrorist elements; and, in fact, raised a lot of money to provide that to these terrorist elements. And he’s in jail today.

Now, your question about the Muslim chaplaincy, he is the guy that Bill Clinton allowed to establish a Muslim chaplaincy in the U.S. military, all the services. And on top of that he is the guy that certifies those chaplains. And he has certified such chaplains as Chaplain Yee, if you remember the chaplain down at Guantanamo Bay who was caught providing aid and assistance to the prisoners down there. So we know that he’s locked up today, serving a 23-year sentence, for trying to kill the what, at that time, was the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who is now the king of Saudi Arabia. He had $340,000 on him in a London airport when he was caught. He’s a bad actor, but he got all the way to the White House. And by the way, he was also in the Bush White House, and we have photographs of that.

Ankerberg: Bush invited him to Texas to the mansion and he helped Bush get elected and made Bush promise that if he did get elected, what?

Boykin: Well, he got Bush to make a number of promises, but I think what’s important is that Bush promised him that the, that he would in fact help with legislation and policies and everything else that would support a Muslim outreach. And that outreach has resulted in nothing positive for the United States other than the incremental encroachment of Sharia into our court systems. And we know that Sharia’s in our court system because two years ago we did a study and found that in 50 court cases in America judges admitted that they used Sharia to adjudicate those cases. And that violates Article Six of the Constitution, which says the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Ankerberg: Kamal, you actually knew this man and he was one of the chief financial people that laundered a million dollars and provided for al-Qaeda, okay, and he’s in these offices in our country. They found this out down the way. But meantime, he’s laundering a million dollars, or getting a million dollars and putting it into al-Qaeda. What else do you know about this man?

Kamal Saleem: Well, he was a conduit. And when I say a conduit is he’s an infiltrator, to establish many infiltrations. He become the cornerstone for many others, you know, to step, you know, forward and infiltrate U.S.A. The way that it’s done, they start working their way into small circles in the liberal arena or the conservative arena and get their self known. And they start showing their best. And little by little they start getting, you know, pushed up, like, “You need to hear this person. He’s telling us what we need to do.” And once he gets his foot in then he starts to release the venom into the society or into the government, into this and establish…. This is how the Islamist establish their self. It always starts sweet, but not all sweet is pure.

Ankerberg: Yeah, that’s always bothered me. It’s still going on today. You would think after he was caught, he’s been sent to prison for what, 23, 25 years.

Boykin: Twenty three years. Right.

Ankerberg: And the fact is, you would think our government would wake up to the fact that this has been happening. Why did it happen? How did it happen? But nothing has taken place. And we’ve still got people that are Muslim, part of the Muslim Brotherhood, picking out our chaplains for the U.S. military and trying to institute Sharia law here. Now we’re going to take a break. What did you have to say?

Boykin: Well, I think it’s important in the aftermath of the Boston bombing, to understand that these Islamic extremists went the FBI in America and demanded that the curriculum that’s used to train the FBI so that they know who the enemy is, that that curriculum had to be modified. They expunged 1,000 pages from that, all of which was out of the Qur’an and the Hadith. And that’s the influence that these people have. So the FBI was not allowed to know who the enemy was prior to the bombing in Boston.

Ankerberg: Alright, we’re going to take a break. When we come back I want to talk more about this infiltration, but I also want to go back on how it was that Kamal came to know Jesus Christ personally. So stick with us.


Ankerberg: Alright, we’re back. We’re talking with our guests about the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into American society. And, Kamal, I want you to continue that. We’ve talked about the fact that the Brotherhood has put influential people next to even our presidential candidates and people that are in office; and how they’ve even infiltrated into our military, into our banking, into other institutions, our schools; established chairs of science and philosophy and social studie; and given huge amounts of money. How much money is coming from overseas to support the Muslim Brotherhood here?

Saleem: We know for a fact that the amount of money that’s coming to universities alone, it is by the hundreds of millions, you know, hundred millions. And so therefore we know that this is only for the education. But when you see the infiltration into the medical science and then we see it going into the government and we see it into the media, all those places, and then into the culture, the American centers which is where all the biddings take place over there. They are being bought right now by the Saudi government. You know, these are not millions, these are billions of dollars, like they bought the Oslo Market you know, the exchange market. They’ve bought that by 55%. The United Kingdom, they bought it by 51%. So they own the majority of those exchange, you know, stock exchange. And now they are doing the same thing to the United States. And this is only a small umbrella.

Ankerberg: How about the media organizations? Are, like FOX television, and other media corporation, is money being brought into these organizations from the Brotherhood?

Saleem: Absolutely. You know we saw Prince Talal bin Abulaziz, you know, he’s one of the royal sons, you know. There were over 700 of those. And so therefore he is, his specialty is buying media outlets. And now, you know, we know for a fact that he owns more than 6% of FOX News and even tried to move FOX News to the UAE, to the Abu Dhabi or Dubai, that is. And so therefore we see in CNN, NBC, PBC, PBS, you know all these, they are buying the power to the point now PBS is fighting for them. CNN is fighting for them. CNN is advocating, you know, Sharia and Islamic things like Reza Aslan for example. He is, you know he is coming, and then The Young Turks. All these are Islamic program that CNN is…

Ankerberg: Yeah, Reza Aslan is very interesting. He wrote “The Zealot,” which is supposed to be a historical book about Jesus, the historical Jesus’ life and he’s been introduced on public radio and television. He’s been on other media outlets. And he’s always been introduced as a historical scholar. And nobody’s ever mentioned that he’s a Muslim and he wrote it from a Muslim perspective. It’s incredible to me that they can get away with that, but this is the kind of influence. And, General, would you say that this is because the money is starting to pour in to these media outlets?

Boykin: No question about it. There’s a lot of petro dollars. As Kamal said, a lot of this money is coming from us. We’re funding it by the fuel that we’re buying out of the Persian Gulf there. And there’s a lot of money coming into America and some of it’s coming directly to political candidates. It’s coming into their campaigns. It’s being laundered, but it’s coming into their campaigns. And a lot of the people that are in office today are there because of the money that’s come out of the Middle East.

Ankerberg: We’ve mentioned the name of Grover Norquist, and I’ve met him; you’ve met him. A lot of people look at him because of his tax policies, trying to reform them, that they call him a conservative. But on other social issues, is he?

Boykin: No, Grover has advocated for the Go Proud organization, the homosexual wing of the Republican Party, and you can find pictures of him at their parties on the Internet, last year at the Tampa Convention. He’s advocated for open borders. He’s advocated for reduced military spending and therefore reduced national security. So his only real credential is his stand that he takes on taxes.

Ankerberg: Kamal, is he for Sharia in this country?

Saleem: Absolutely. He is one of the advocates of Sharia. And he wants Sharia, you know, to be practiced, you know. But we got to understand it’s very important that Sharia is not something to do with a religion. Sharia is the constitution of Islam. It is the constitution that come and now want to be part of your Constitution. So when you look at it this way, he is bringing a nation of Islam to be part of the American government and imbed the two constitutions together, which is, they’re not equal to each other. You know the constitution of Islam disagrees with the American Constitution—liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of women, freedom for children, you know. All these, including the homosexuality, including all these are illegal in Islam and must be destroyed. So in, for Islamic Sharia to be a part of the American Sharia it must destroy the American Constitution. The American Constitution cannot stand next to Sharia.

Boykin: Let me make a point here. Something Kamal just said, freedom in terms of Islam means freedom from manmade laws.

Saleem: That’s right.

Boykin: Liberty and justice mean liberty and justice under Sharia, which is a real oxymoron. So it’s important to understand, when they say freedom, they’re not talking about the same concept of freedom that we are.

Saleem: It’s everything has different name convention on the other side.

Ankerberg: Switch hats again. There are people in Muslim countries across the world that listened to how you came to Jesus Christ last week. They’ve been thinking about it for seven days. To those people, give me another word for them. Tell me briefly, in about two minutes, the story of how Christ became real to you when you were a terrorist that worked in countries across the world.

Saleem: When I walk in Christ it is not walking outside of Him, it’s walking in Him. What happened, I found myself all of a sudden I’m dependent on Him because it became like a honeymoon to me. Everything that I asked of Him, it start manifesting. And I thought for a while it was like magic, you know. And these are the true relationship with God because He love us so much He want to give us everything He has. So for my mother, my Muslim brothers and sisters out there, my friend, if you are out there and you’re not sure where you are, I think it’s time to ask yourself, “Jesus, if You are real, speak to me.” And if You are real then this is the things that you ask Him. Dear Lord Jesus, come to my heart. [Arabic] Ask Him into your heart. “Speak to me. Make Yourself real. I want to know You. Now I give You my life; have Your way with me. In Jesus name, amen.” If you said that today you are set free and you are walking in new way and you will see the tangible fruit of that relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ankerberg: You were telling me just before we went on the air for this program about people in Pakistan that were listening to this and actually asked Jesus, asked God, to do thi. And what happened?

Saleem: What we’re seeing, we have a DVD. You know, it’s called “Kamal Saleem and the Red Chair,” and we are sending it worldwide, you know. And what we finding out when the people are seeing it they are falling before, you know, before God and asking God, “The God of Father Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, if You are real, speak to me.” And He’s appearing to them. And He’s coming to them, some in the physical, some in their dreams. And they are calling me and asking me to send them more stuff because they want to know Him more. So we lead them into Christ on the phone and creating relationships with them. These are not happening by the hundreds. These are by the thousands throughout the Muslim world from Indonesia to Pakistan to Afghanistan, to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, you know, it’s happening in Saudi Arabia. Fifty imam came to Christ, 50 imam, after they saw what happened. They said, they called on this; they said, “Let’s do it. Let’s see if this will happen.” Well, they called on Christ and Christ appeared and they gave their life to Christ Jesus. And so we are seeing those miracles that they are tangible and real. And this can happen to any Muslim out there, brothers or sisters, because God loves you to the point that He gave Himself for you to serve you and bless you all the days of your life.

Ankerberg: You know, Tom, I’d like a final word from you to Muslims, even to other people that aren’t Muslim that don’t know Jesus, how they can know Jesus,

Doyle: There’s a special verse for them I believe in Isaiah 65:1: “I appeared to those who did not seek Me. I came to those who did not call on Me.” And Jesus is honoring, lifting up Muslims and coming to them and revealing who He is. We have a friend in Iraq that was being beaten by her husband. Her name is Rima. And it was terrible. He was beating the son and burning him with cigarettes on his arm. He was five years old. It was terrible, she was crying out night after night, “God, where are You? Where are You? Where are You?” And she said, “You know, Tom, one night I just changed one word in my prayer. I said, ‘God, who are You? Because I’ve been crying out, and I don’t see You coming to my rescue.’” And that night she had a dream about Jesus who told her that He loved her and He would deliver her. And soon, within days, she was out of the country, safe, meeting with believers and gave her heart to Jesus Christ.

And you’ve been sitting at home watching these programs and you have been saying, “God where are You? Why don’t You help me with my problems? Why don’t You fix my family situation, my finances, my health? Where are You?” And maybe God’s calling you to say, “God, who are You?” And it’s the Lord Jesus who wants to reveal Himself to you because He loves you. He has a plan for your life. He is reaching out to Muslims globally today through dreams and visions, and He wants you to know Him. And you can do that. You can pray a prayer of dedication right now, and we invite you to do this.

Ankerberg: Yeah, say that prayer the folks could say with you, if they really want Jesus to come into their life.

Doyle: And if you would like Jesus to come into your life, please, we ask you to pray this prayer and seek the Lord with all your heart. Join us as we pray. “Lord Jesus, reveal Yourself to me. Lord Jesus, thank You for sending Jesus to live, to be perfect, to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus, forgive me for my sins. Come into my life. Change me from the inside out. I need a new start. I want to be forgiven. I want to be reconciled to God. Lord Jesus, I give You my life. I believe that You died on the cross for me. I confess my sins to You right now, and I accept You through faith. I believe in my heart You are my Lord and Savior and I commit to follow You the rest of my life. I pray these things in Your mighty name, Jesus, amen.”

Ankerberg: Thank you, Tom. And those of you that are watching we hope that you’ll go to our website where you find out all kinds of information, a lot of questions. We have 732 translations of the Bible in different languages that are there. And if you cannot read you can press the button and it’ll be read to you in your language. Just go to jashow.org on your computer, your I-Phone, your I-Pad, whatever, and you can get that information.

Gentlemen, I just need to say thank you. There’s no way that I can describe other than just to say thank you for what you have meant to all of us that have been listening. It’s incredible information. I’m sure going to have you back and we thank God for you. And, folks, if you’ll stay tuned we’ll tell you how you get the information that you’ve heard in these six programs. Listen.

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