Daily Journey: May 22nd - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Daily Journey: May 22nd

1 Chron. 12:1-14:17, Luke 11:37-54

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

[Chapter 13] [The Ark] had been at Kirjath-jearim, and neglected for long years. [David] now set himself to bring it into the midst of the people as a recognition of the nation’s relationship to Jehovah

In connection with this action a terrible event taught David a lesson of deep solemnity. If God’s order is to be restored, it must be done in His way. The long neglect of the Ark would seem to have rendered these men unfamiliar with all the particular regulations for its removal, which they attempted by a device of their own. The swift death of the man who stretched out a hand to save the Ark was evidence at once of the presence of God among the people, and of the necessity for perfect conformity to His minutest instructions….

Most graphically does this story set forth a truth never to be lost sight of by the people of God, that zeal for Him must be according to knowledge. When divine arrangements are made for methods of worship and service, no circumstances must be allowed to be an excuse for a change in such methods.

G. Campbell Morgan, An Exposition of the Whole Bible (Fleming H. Revell Company, MCMLIX), p. 162


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