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Daily Journey: November 8th

Jeremiah 35:1-37:10; Hebrews 8:1-13

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

It is stated in Jeremiah 36:30 that Jehoiakim “shall have none to sit upon the throne of David.” Yet in 2 Kings 24:6 and 2 Chronicles 36:9 we read that his son Jehoiachin reigned in his stead. Isn’t this a contradiction?

The point of this sentence of doom on Jehoiakim… was that he would have no dynasty to succeed him. In fulfillment of this condemnation, it turned out that in 597 B.C., when Jehoiakim died, his son Jehoiachin took over Jerusalem for a mere three moths, before it fell to the besieging armies of Nebuchadnezzar. Probably there was no official coronation ceremony during that period of unrest as the siege continued. At any rate, that son was not permitted to remain on the throne of Judah from that time on; rather, it was Zedekiah, his uncle, who was installed as a vassal king under the Chaldean Empire, and Jehoiachin was dragged off to captivity in Babylon, from which he never returned.

It should be noted that when the Hebrew verb yasab (“sit enthroned”) is used of a king, it implies a certain degree of permanence….

Gleason L. Archer, Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1982), p. 275.


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