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The Audio Bibles you provide are changing lives for eternity. Many of us will never actually go to a foreign country to share the gospel, but your gift for one or more Audio Bibles allows God’s Word to go into places where often no one has gone before. With over 12 million people reached through Audio Bibles, we know this is a tried-and-true method of sharing the gospel message in hard to reach areas.

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God's Word Changes Lives

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A Story of Hope Through Audio Bibles in Kenya

In recent months, the Samburu people experienced great joy through the Maasai Audio Bible. Some Samburu people do not understand much Swahili, so having the Audio Bible in their mother tongue is a blessing. No longer is there a barrier between the Samburu people and Jesus’ Word. 

The Samburu people are mainly a cattle-herding community, so a solar-powered Audio Bible is a vast benefit to them. In certain regions, the people have no electronics at all. Thank God that the Proclaimer is solar-powered and will allow God’s people to continue to hear His Word. 

The greatest challenge facing evangelism among their people is the reluctance of men to associate with church. Viewed as a women and children’s affair, men tend to stay far away from the church and its teachings. By using the Audio Bible, God’s Word can be brought to these men without fear of rejection. There is hope that the Audio Bible will continue to bless the men who experience it.

Audio Bible Devices

There are 7,140 languages in the world.  Approximately 4,000 languages have no Bible in their language.  But, even if you gave a printed Bible to the majority of these people, most could not read their own language.  Audio Bibles allow them to HEAR God’s Word spoken in their native tongue by people from their region!

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3 Micro SD Cards

Micro SD cards are small memory devices loaded with the Word of God translated into the needed language. When these micro SD cards are inserted into mobile phones, people can hear the Word of God in their own language! With the matching gift, your gift of $30 provides 3 Micro SD cards to those who need to hear it!

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3 BibleSticks and 3 SD Cards

BibleSticks are personal digital players that are battery-powered and come loaded with an Audio Bible. Some are distributed to the men and women in our Armed Forces, while others are sent to refugee camps to help refugees hear the truth of God’s Word in their language. With the matching gift from our two generous donors, and your gift of $100, 3 BibleSticks and 3 SD cards are sent together with this gift.

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3 Audio Proclaimers

The Proclaimer is a solar-powered digital player, preloaded with an Audio Bible in a local language. Used in church services, villages, and listening groups, the Proclaimer provides thousands of hours of Bible listening, discussion, and discipleship, allowing people to become saturated with God’s Word. With the matching gift from our two generous donors, your gift of $500 provides 3 Audio Proclaimers to churches and villages who need to hear God's Word in their language!

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9 SD CARDS, 9 BibleSticks and 3 Audio Proclaimers

Providing three different Audio Bible devices, the Audio Bible bundle gives the gift of 3 SD cards, 3 BibleSticks, and 3 Audio Proclaimers. The SD Cards can be placed in phones, BibleSticks are used by soldiers in the field, and in refugee camps, and Audio Proclaimers are designed to be heard by larger groups of people. With the matching gift from our two generous donors, your gift of $1000 provides 9 SD Cards, 9 BibleSticks and 3 Audio Proclaimers! This bundle makes God's Word accessible for so many who need to hear!


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