When you choose to donate to help the people of Ukraine and support  Hannu Haukka's ministry, Great Commission Media Ministries, you are helping in two ways:
1. Your gifts will help provide transportation for women and children who are attempting to cross the border of Ukraine in search of safety in bordering countries.
2.  Your gifts will be used toward the production and distribution of booklets that contain the gospel message and messages to help with the trauma of living specifically during war times.  Booklets translated into the language of refugees and soldiers are distributed within the Ukrainian border and surrounding areas where people have fled.
100% of the gifts given will be donated to these two causes.  Time is of the essence so please consider giving today!

And please pray for the people of Ukraine. 
 God is able and is with them!  They need our prayers!  Will you consider joining as a prayer warrior to specifically stand with others in prayer for the safety and salvation of the precious people of Ukraine?

Why can you trust us with your donation?

The ECFA and Charity Navigator organizations are both third-party groups that verify the giving practices of non-profits and ministries. When you give to The John Ankerberg Show, you can trust that your money will be spent wisely.  For this particular campaign to help the people of Ukraine, 100% of your gift will go directly to the cause.

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