The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), p. 30


What are some additional implications of the NDE?


It is impossible to gauge how many suicides may eventually result from the widespread exposure to the positive NDE report. But there may be other consequences as well. Hundreds of NDErs apparently feel they have been “led” into counseling ministries with the terminally ill for the express purpose of conveying the “truth” about death.* In fact, many who research NDEs believe that nurses and other health professionals should specifically be trained to impart the NDE view of death to those who are dying. Of course, whether this is something good depends on the nature of death. Is it really an omnipresent bliss for everyone, including the unrepentant? Or does the biblical portrait of an eternal hell, confirmed by Jesus, describe the real nature of death for those not saved?

Finally, NDEs may also precipitate depression, divorce and other problems, including alienation from ordinary reality.* For example, it has been noted that “primary relationships are often subject to great strain following an NDE, and a considerable number of NDErs end up by divorcing their spouses, or at least wanting to.”*

In conclusion, whether or not the NDE itself is heavenly its end results may not be.

*For full documentation, see The Facts on Life After Death.