The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), pp. 7-8


What is a near-death experience?


The typical near-death experience (NDE) has been described by leading death researcher Dr. Raymond Moody. His several books, including the eight million best-seller Life After Life, opened a new era of “scientific” study of the near-death experience. With the near-death or clinical death phenomenon some people who are brought back from “death” have reported being alive the entire time they were “dead.” This phenomenon occurs among people with a wide diversity of religious belief and no religious belief at all—from atheists to Zen Buddhists….

The composite or classic NDE involves the perception of being “out of the body”—and looking down at one’s body while resuscitation attempts are being administered. Soon afterward the person finds he or she is in another location where the spirit world is encountered. There the person engages in non-verbal or verbal communication with various spirits, usually of dead friends and relatives or a “being of light.” This entity is often very warm and loving and involves the “dead” person in an evaluation of his or her life by showing an instantaneous playback of the major events. At some point, the person finds himself approaching a barrier or border which he is not allowed to cross. He is told he must go back to earth, for his time to die has not yet arrived. However, the participant’s experience in this other state of existence is frequently so peaceful, joyful, and loving that he desperately does not want to return. Nevertheless, he finds himself back in his body anyway. And when he awakens in this world he finds that he had been pronounced dead, but was fortunately (?) revived.