The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), p. 15


Does the NDE undermine the biblical view of salvation?


Not only does the NDE remove the fear of death, but also it simultaneously inhibits biblical repentance and salvation. The biblical concept of sin has little or no relevance to the “Light”: “…in most cases, the reward-punishment model of the afterlife is abandoned and disavowed, even by many who have been accustomed to thinking in those terms. They found, much to their amazement, that even when their most apparently awful and sinful deeds were made manifest before the being of light, the being responded not with anger and rage, but rather only with understanding, and even with humor.”* And when a person becomes convinced of complete acceptance by the Light (“God”), receiving Christ as his or her savior from sin becomes almost irrelevant. For example, one spirit told a person during his NDE, “There are no sins. Not in the way you think about them on earth. The only thing that matters here is how you think.”*

The warmth of the “being of light” and the feeling of all-accepting love strongly conveys the message that one is accepted and forgiven wholly apart from personal faith in Christ. Thus people who have NDEs, whether in childhood or adulthood, universally lose the fear of death even though they remain non-Christians: “After the event, NDErs no longer fear death….[and] Fear of hellish punishment for earthly deeds is no longer a problem for many.”*

Those who have an NDE may also be commanded to disseminate the message that God will save anyone: “Nancy says that the Light told her in these ‘exact words’: ‘With the gift you have now received, go forth and tell the masses of people that life after death exists: that you shall all experience my PROFOUND LOVE.’”*

*For documentation, please see The Facts on Life After Death.