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Fact a Day: March 25th

The Facts on Holistic Health and the New Medicine (Harvest House, 1992), p. 27


What is homeopathy?


Homeopathy is the system of diagnosis and treatment developed by medical rebel and mystic Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It is based on the principle of “like cures like”—that the same substance causing symptoms in a healthy person will cure those symptoms in a sick person. In Europe, homeopathy is increasingly accepted by the medical profession and in America, several thousand homeopaths treat hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Homeopathy claims to work by correcting an imbalance or problem in the body’s “vital force” or life-energy that is currently or will later be manifested as disease. By an almost ritual process of diluting and shaking, homeopathic substances (alleged medications) supposedly become powerful energy medicines which in turn either stimulate the immune system or correct problems in the supposed “vital force” of the body, thereby curing the illness….

Despite many claims and alleged parallels to modern medical practices and phenomena, homeopathy is not a legitimate medical practice. Homeopathic diagnosis is subjective and ineffective; most homeopathic “medicines” are so dilute they cannot possibly exert a physical effect. The claim that they work upon the “vital force” or “astral body” is unsubstantiated and can open doors to occult practices….

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Roman Catholicism.


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