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Fact a Day: April 2nd

Knowing the Truth About the Resurrection (Harvest House, 1996) p. 6


Why is the resurrection so important?


The resurrection of Christ is central to either establishing or disproving the Christian religion. Years ago, the great rationalist Dr. Guignebert, professor of History of Christianity at the Sorbonne (one of the most important professorships in all of France) and honorary associate of the Rationalist Press Association of Great Britain, repudiated the idea of Christ’s resurrection, along with all miracles. Nevertheless, he stated, “There would have been no Christianity if the belief in the resurrection had not been founded and systematized.”*

In other words, the resurrection is vital because upon the resurrection of Christ the entirety of Christianity and its claim to truth either stands or falls. In this booklet you will have the opportunity to examine the evidence, critique it, and decide for yourself whether biblical Christianity is true—including all that implies.

*For documentation, see Knowing the Truth About the Resurrection.


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