The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution (Harvest House, 1993), pp. 30-31


Is creationism religious only?


Is creation science really a science? Or is it simply a religion in disguise, designed to underhandedly put Genesis back into the school system? Although creationism is certainly a religious philosophy, it can also be a scientific doctrine, something attested to by many noted scientists and experts on the nature of the relationship between science and religion. For example, the volumes by Bird, Moreland (ed.), Geisler and Anderson, and Morris and Parker are only some of those demonstrating that creationism can be scientific.*

Dean H. Kenyon, professor of biology and coordinator of the general biology program at San Francisco State University, is one of America’s leading non-evolutionary scientists and has a Ph.D. in biophysics from Stanford University.* A former evolutionist and co-author of Biochemical Predestination, a standard work on the evolutionary origin of life, Kenyon now believes that the current situation where most consider creation science simply a religion in disguise “is regrettable and exhibits a degree of close-mindedness quite alien to the spirit of true scientific inquiry.”* Kenyon is only one prominent scientist who has “extensively reviewed the scientific case for creation” and finds it legitimate.*

For example, in presenting the scientific evidence for the theory termed “abrupt appearance” (which incorporates relevant data from paleontology, morphology, information content, probability, genetics, comparative discontinuity, etc.), Bird observes, “These lines of evidence are affirmative in the sense that if true, they support the theory of abrupt appearance. They are not negative in the sense of merely identifying weaknesses of evolution…. The theory of abrupt appearance is scientific. It consists of the empirical evidence and scientific interpretation that is the content of this chapter. The theory of abrupt appearance also satisfies the various definitions of science….”*

*For documentation see The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution.