The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution (Harvest House, 1993), p. 35


How has evolution influenced belief in God?


Mortimer J. Adler is one of the great modern thinkers. He is the author of such interesting books as Ten Philosophical Mistakes and How to Think About God, the editor for the Encyclopedia Britannica, and an architect and editor-in-chief for the 54-volume The Great Books of the Western World library. This set contains the writings of the most influential and greatest intellects and thinkers in Western history—from Aristotle to Shakespeare.

In Volume 1 of Great Ideas: A Syntopicon of Great Books of the Western World, Adler points out the crucial importance of the issue of God’s existence to the greatest thinkers of the Western world: “In sheer quantity of references, as well as in variety, this is the largest chapter. The reason is obvious. More consequences for thought and action follow from the affirmation or denial of God than from answering any other basic question.”*

And here is where we see perhaps the greatest consequence of evolutionary theory—its denial of God and the unfortunate results which have flowed outward from this denial. As leading evolutionist Sir Julian Huxley once noted, “Darwinism removed the whole idea of God as the Creator of organisms from the sphere of rational discussion.”*

*For documentation see The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution.