The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution (Harvest House, 1993), p. 5


Why is the issue of creation/evolution important?


The issue of creation/evolution* is important because, in the end, the subject of origins tells us who we are. Are we the product of the impersonal forces of matter, chance, and time—with all that implies? Or the result of special creation by an infinite, personal God—with all that implies? Because of its larger implications in areas such as science, religion, society, and morality, as well as its personal implications for individual identity and meaning in life, no one can deny the relevance of this subject.

We can also understand the importance of this subject if we briefly examine the influence of evolutionary theory in the last century. Sometimes powerful theories or ideologies can reach out and affect the lives of millions. They can influence personal philosophy, alter social and political institutions, and even direct the course of nations. Consider, for example, the ideologies of Marxism and Islam. The theory of evolution is one such materialistic ideology that has dramatically affected the world in which we live.

But if it turns out evolution is wrong, then everything it has impacted may have been affected in a prejudicial or even harmful way.

*The term evolution is used in reference to the general theory that all life on earth has evolved from nonliving matter and has progressed to more complex forms with time; hence, “macroevolution” and not “microevolution” or minor changes within species illustrated in crossbreeding (e.g., varieties of dogs).