The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution (Harvest House, 1993), p. 11


Should evolution be claimed as an established scientific fact?


Consider the comments of the Canadian scholar Arthur C. Custace (Ph.D. anthropology) and author of the ten-volume Doorway Papers. He is a member of the Canadian Physiological Society, a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

In “Evolution: An Irrational Faith” he observes:

Virtually all the fundamentals of the orthodox evolutionary faith have shown themselves to be either of extremely doubtful validity or simply contrary to fact…. So basic are these erroneous [evolutionary] assumptions that the whole theory is now largely maintained in spite of rather than because of the evidence…. As a consequence, for the great majority of students and for that large ill-defined group, “the public,” it has ceased to be a subject of debate. Because it is both incapable of proof and yet may not be questioned, it is virtually untouched by data which challenge it in any way. It has become in the strictest sense irrational…. Information or concepts which challenge the theory are almost never given a fair hearing.*

In fact, in the opinion of this esteemed scholar,

Evolutionary philosophy has indeed become a state of mind, one might almost say a kind of mental prison rather than a scientific attitude…. To equate one particular interpretation of the data with the data itself is evidence of mental confusion…. The theory of evolution…is detrimental to ordinary intelligence and warps judgment.*

He concludes,

In short, the premises of evolutionary theory are about as invalid as they could possibly be…. If evolutionary theory was strictly scientific, it should have been abandoned long ago. But because it is more philosophy than science, it is not susceptible to the self-correcting mechanisms that govern all other branches of scientific enquiry.*

*For documentation see The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution