The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution (Harvest House, 1993), p. 14


Are scientists always objective?


In doing research for The Criterion, Dr. Bergman interviewed more than 100 creationists who had at least a master’s degree in science, the majority with a Ph.D. degree—among them Nobel prize winners and those with multiple doctorates in science. “Nevertheless, all, without exception, reported that they had experienced some discrimination…some cases were tragic in the extent, blatancy and consequences of the discrimination, even including death threats.”*

The hypocrisy in all this seems evident enough. The evolutionary establishment demands freedom of expression for itself but refuses this to its opposition. As Dr. Thomas Dwight of Harvard observed, “The tyranny in the matter of evolution is overwhelming to a degree of which the outsider has no idea.”* In our colleges and universities today, the Christian faith can be ridiculed all day long, the Constitution criticized, marriage degraded, and morality questioned, but the theory of evolution is somehow sacrosanct. Chicago University’s professor Paul Shoray observed, “There is no cause so completely immune from criticism today as evolution.”*

Even the head of the science department at an Ivy League university tore out an article in Systematic Zoology because it was critical of natural selection. When confronted he said, “Well of course I don’t believe in censorship in any form, but I just couldn’t bear the idea of my students reading that article.”*

*For documentation see The Facts on Creation vs. Evolution