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Fact a Day: December 6th

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995) p. 16


Does everyone have a guardian angel?


Although Scripture does not explicitly state that everyone has a guardian angel, many commentators feel that this could be true, at least for believers. Certainly, given the innumerable number of the angels and God’s love for His own people, it would be a logical conclusion. Scripturally, it appears that children, at least, do have guardian angels (Matthew 18:10).

Whether or not every believer has one, there are certainly what can only be termed “guardian angels”—those angels whom God sends at specific times to guard, encourage, and protect His own people. Of course, this may also occur among unbelievers when it suits God’s purposes. Obviously, many nonbelievers who will yet come to faith in Christ may face personal crises or life-threatening situations that require angelic intervention if these people are going to survive in order to become Christians (see Hebrews 1:14).

But the issue here is not whether Christians or even many nonbelievers have guardian angels. Our concern is the emphasis in modern angel literature that all people do have guardian angels whom they are specifically to contact for regular instruction and spiritual guidance. As Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain state in their daily devotional inspired by the popular “angels”: “Everyone has a guardian angel;” and, “When God looks at you, God sees two beings: you and your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is your spiritual traveling companion through life…. Your guardian angel knows what you came here to do…. Getting to know your guardian angel will help you to get to know yourself.”*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.


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