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Fact a Day: February 17th

The Facts on The Faith Movement (Harvest House, 1993) pp. 10-11

What have respected Christian leaders in the Church said about the Faith Movement?

Many Christian leaders in America are in agreement that the teachings of the Faith Movement are not biblical and are harmful to the Church.

The words below are strong. If you are a member of the Faith camp, perhaps you will be surprised by them. But if you stay with us, we think that by the end of this booklet you will understand the concerns of the men we now quote* and the importance of undertaking a personal reevaluation of your spiritual commitment.

Just before his death, the late cult authority Walter Martin warned, “The situation is extremely serious” because the Faith teachers “have forged a virtually unbroken chain of serious doctrinal deviation.” He further observed, “The study of the Kingdom of the Cults has taught me many profitable lessons, and this is one of them—error begets error; heresy begets heresy and always in the name of truth, always in the name of the gospel.”

Noted theologian J.I. Packer author of Knowing God and God’s Words, argues that calling “some televangelists to account for their heretical teaching, their spiritual unreality, their shameless personality-cult, and the spurious dramatics of their fund-raising is unpleasant but necessary, for pastoral reasons.”

Dr. Donald K. Campbell comments that the Faith Movement “is grievous and threatens to engulf the Church and sweep many professed believers into dangerous currents of false and destructive doctrine.”

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Faith Movement.


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