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Fact a Day: February 24th

The Facts on The Faith Movement (Harvest House, 1993) p. 34-35

What is the relationship between the Faith teachings and cultic theology?

Most Faith teachers have publicly stated that they are not teaching “Christian Science,” “Mind Science,” or “New Thought.”* This seems to indicate that even the Faith teachers recognize their similarities to cultic systems or at least awareness of the charges others have made.

Nevertheless, despite the disclaimers, in many places their Faith teachings are either similar or nearly identical to those found in the Mind Science religions.* The concepts of positive confession, prosperity and success, divine health, manipulation of creation, sensory denial, and the implicit rejection of medical science can all be traced to the cultic Mind Science theologies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as Unity School of Christianity, New Thought, and Science of Mind. (These three groups, along with the Faith Movement, also teach that “negative confession” can produce disease, tragedy, and even death.)

In fact, some teachings and practices found in the Faith Movement are also found in other unbiblical religions and cults. For example, the concept of believers being “gods” or having divine powers is found in Mormonism and Armstrongism. The practice of “decreeing” things into existence can be seen in some occult and Eastern groups such as The Church Universal and Triumphant, and Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Faith Movement.


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