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Fact a Day: February 25th

The Facts on The Faith Movement (Harvest House, 1993) pp. 36, 39

How do angels and the occult relate to the Faith Movement?

Faith teachers believe multitudes of angels are standing by just to do our bidding, anxiously waiting to be commanded by “Faith words” which, when spoken forth, puts them into action and brings miraculous results.

[T]he idea that people can command angels to do their bidding is an occultic belief, not a biblical practice. The idea of having power over creation mediated through alleged spiritual laws and our own mental and verbal powers (mediated through the help of spirits) is a tenet of the occult, not Christianity.151

Further these angels are angels of a particular kind—they are spirit beings who actively support Faith practice and teaching…. If we compare the principles of occult magic and those of the Faith Movement, we can see the similarities.* The question is: Would godly angels endorse such a teaching?

Of course, no one denies that the Bible teaches that angels do serve God’s interest in the life of the believer; or that some believers have entertained angels unaware (Hebrews 1:14; 13:2). But this is the point: Angels serve God’s purposes in the life of the believer—and the Faith Movement/Positive Confession isn’t one of them. And angels usually do operate unaware—behind the scenes. We cannot command angels to bring us money, nor are we to pray to them, nor will they teach us and guide us into things that are against the Word of God.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Faith Movement.


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