The Facts on Astrology (Harvest House, 1988) p. 30

Is the scientific evidence for astrology valid?

For this booklet, we attempted to secure the best scientific evidence available on behalf of the claims of astrology. For example, we contacted the largest and most scientifically oriented astrological society, The American Federation of Astrologers in Tempe, Arizona. This organization offers almost 1,000 books for sale, over 600 tapes and claims to be “the nerve center of astrology in America today…” The AFA also claims that for 50 years it has been the leader in “astrological education and research.”*

But the literature they recommended as giving the best evidence for astrology was both disappointing and questionable.* The most important research they cited was the Gauquelin research which we will discuss below. It must first be said that much of astrology is simply not scientifically testable because of the very nature of astrology. For example, it claims to be a practice based upon mystical influences and private, subjective interpretations of individual astrologers reading the horoscope. That is why (at these points) astrology can never be scientifically proven or disproven. Its phenomena lie outside the boundaries of science (“intuition,” mystical planetary influences, symbolic correspondences, etc.). Nevertheless, both astrologers and scientific investigators of astrology agree there are definite astrological principles which merit scientific testing.*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Astrology.