The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), pp. 11-12


Are the “beings of light” and alleged spirits of dead friends and relatives who they claim to be? What do authorities in this area say?


People who encounter the “being of light,” “the light” or the alleged spirits of dead friends and relatives in the NDE are profoundly influenced. Many think they have encountered the biblical “God,” “Christ,” “angels” or the actual human dead. But this could not possibly be true. Why? Because, on the one hand, the entities of the NDE act in ways that are contrary to the purposes of God and Christ as revealed in the Bible. And, on the other hand, the “being of light” and other spirits act in virtually the same manner as the spirits contacted by mediums and spiritists for millennia.

The actions and statements of the “being of light,” the “dead,” and other spirits indicate they are not Jesus Christ, the human dead or good angels. The “being of light” cannot be Christ because the “being of light” denies Jesus’ teachings in the Bible. And Christ cannot deny Himself by rejecting His earlier teachings.

The alleged spirits of the dead cannot be the human dead, for Scripture tells us that the unsaved dead are confined and unable to reach the living, and the saved dead are with Christ (2 Peter 2:9; Luke 16:19-31; Acts 1:25; 2 Corinthians 5:8; Philippians 1:23).

Furthermore, the other spirits cannot be the holy angels because holy angels are sinless beings who would never contradict what God has taught in the Bible.